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North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement podcast: NAFTA’s 30th anniversary
Special edition on the 30th anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement that came into force in 1994 and inspired many free trade agreements that were subsequently signed around the world.
NAFTA panel orders rethink on softwood lumber duties
B.C. forests minister says NAFTA panel ruling positive, but doesn’t end softwood lumber dispute.
A matter of Mexican maize and not so free trade agreements
Free trade agreements are threatening the maize crop of Mexico.
US trade czar: Don’t get ’too comfortable’ North American trade pact will stay as is
Katherine Tai refers to challenges ahead, including dairy, when pact comes up for renewal.
After 30 Years of NAFTA, the Working Classes Are Still Losing
Thirty years after NAFTA came into effect in 1994, the economic data suggests a somber conclusion: The three countries’ working classes are worse off today than they were before
NAFTA’s promises elusive: impact on US-Mexico trade, immigration, manufacturing
Three decades have passed since NAFTA was implemented, leaving unfulfilled promises of mutual prosperity. This article examines the realities of US-Mexico trade, illegal immigration, and the loss of manufacturing jobs, and calls for a reevaluation of the agreement’s impact.
How a US mining firm sued Mexico for billions – for trying to protect its own seabed
Local fishers helped halt underwater mining off Baja California’s coast in 2018. But then an obscure international legal process was put into motion.
Avocado farm workers in Michoacán file USMCA labor complaint
Claiming that RV Fresh Foods has violated their labor rights, a group representing local workers filed a petition under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the free trade pact that superseded NAFTA.
Canada and US governments shut down ability of Canadian NGOs to comment in trade dispute over Mexico’s GM corn ban
A trade dispute panel has rescinded an invitation to Canadian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to submit official comments in the dispute under the Canada-US-Mexico Trade Agreement (CUSMA) over Mexico’s phase-out of genetically engineered (genetically modified or GM) corn.
North Americanism turns 30
NAFTA and USMCA have dramatically reshaped Mexico.
Could Costa Rica join USMCA?
Costa Rica’s trade czar wants to solidify the country’s relationships with North America’s biggest markets.
LNG firm’s $20-billion lawsuit against Canada exposes NAFTA’s toxic legacy
A company launched a record-breaking NAFTA lawsuit against Canada — confirming the dire threat that investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) poses to bold climate action.
Mexico must stand up to agribusiness oligopolies on GM corn ban
US and Canadian civil society groups are denouncing their own governments’ efforts, driven by the agribusiness industry, to repeal Mexico’s proposed ban on genetically modified corn.
US ’beginning’ internal discussions about renewing North American trade pact
We’ve just passed the halfway mark, three years, to the sixth-anniversary milestone of the new North American trade deal where countries must start meeting to discuss future changes.
The US push for GMO corn is out to lunch
So-called “Free trade” promises lower prices and more supply, but it derails food security. Mexico has been fighting this since the United States began a dispute over genetically modified corn.
Trudeau government claims victory in latest trade dispute with US over dairy
Americans argued Canada’s allocation of tariff-free dairy import permits is unfair.
Even rich nations now worried about ISDS
Governments the world over are worried about investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) rules. These allow foreign investors to sue them for billions over new laws or policies reducing their profits.
US, Mexico resolve labor probe at Grupo Yazaki auto parts plant in Mexico
The US and Mexico have resolved a labor complaint under a regional trade deal at a Grupo Yazaki auto parts factory in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, both governments said
BC, Ottawa officials applaud decision on US softwood lumber duties
Officials in Ottawa and British Columbia have welcomed a ruling under the North American Free Trade Agreement, saying it found elements of the United States’ calculation of softwood lumber duties are inconsistent with that country’s own law.
Mexico must address US’ ’serious concerns’ over energy measures, USTR says
A US trade official stressed Mexico’s need to address "serious concerns" from the United States of its energy measures, which were raised during consultations under a regional trade pact, the US Trade Representative’s office said.