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Panama, Chile reach free trade pact
Panama and Chile signed a free trade deal here on Saturday, ending their 15th round of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks.
Panama: Wave of protests
Panamanian unions and civilian groups Friday warned they would continue pressuring the government in order to hamper signing of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US and support a similar pact with Chile.
Panama, US FTA talks postponed
The ninth round of free trade agreement (FTA) talks between Panamanian government officials and the US wound up without a final accord, amid domestic pressures forcing to act cautiously.
Panama anti-FTA front broadens
Panama’s government, ignoring the country’s heated atmosphere, strives Friday to show the validity of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US while a common front snubbing the eventual pact grows.
Panama heats up over FTA
The resignation Wednesday of a key minister at Panama-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks added more fuel to the national atmosphere, which looks like it’s heading for a revival of the union movement.
Panama agriculture minister resigns over US talks
Panama’s agriculture minister resigned on Tuesday, alleging that a proposed free trade deal with the United States could expose the country to bird flu, foot and mouth disease and mad cow disease.
Panama questions FTA with US
Panamanian farmers on Monday called for a mass demonstration December 11 to analyze the state of the negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which their government plans to sign with the United States.
Singapore-Panama FTA on track for progress
Singapore’s plans to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Panama remain on track.
Bush says US and Panama close to free trade accord
President George W. Bush said on Monday the United States and Panama were close to completing a free trade agreement as he ended a Latin American tour that fell short of his goal of reviving talks on a hemispheric-wide trade zone.
Guatemala FTA mostly politics: economists
Like Taiwan’s first free trade agreement (FTA) with Panama its second free trade pact, with Guatemala, will have more significance politically than economically, economists said yesterday.
Free trade showdown: How long can Panama hold out for an agreement that reflects its own national interests?
DR-CAFTA’s narrow victory will incite US domestic producers’ lobbies to exert heavier pressure to get a US-Panama agreement more favorable to US industry.
Singapore and Panama hope to sign FTA later this year
Singapore and Panama have successfully concluded negotiations for a free trade agreement which both countries hope to sign later this year.
The first victim of the free trade agreement
He was a Panamanian who lived of what the land gave him. His name? Sabino Rivera. What happened? Death took him when a bomb, abandoned by the United States in Panama, blew him to pieces.
Taiwan-Panama: President Chen Offers to Help Panama Widen Canal
President Chen Shui-bian said Tuesday he hopes to expand Taiwan’s economic footprint in the Americas through the recently signed free trade agreement (FTA) with Panama and offered to assist with the Central American country’s plan to widen the Panama Canal.
Thousands in Panama protest free trade talks
Thousands of students, activists and farmers marched through downtown Panama City Thursday to protest U.S.-Panama free trade talks taking place in another part of the city.
Panama Proposal Is One of Many: Onslaught of FTAs Threatens U.S. Sugar Industry
A representative of the American sugar industry cautioned the Office of the United States Trade Representative today that a proposed trade agreement with Panama cannot be viewed in isolation.
US, Panama to begin free-trade negotiations in late April
The United States and Panama announced March 26 that they will begin free-trade negotiations in Panama City, Panama, during the week of April 26, according to a press release issued by the Office of the US Trade Representative.
US-Panama BIT (2000)