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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (EU-US FTA), sometimes also called Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

New endocrine disruptor rules address your trade concerns, EU tells US, Canada
The European Commission told the US and Canada that draft EU pesticides laws would “address the concerns” they had over possible trade restrictions on goods exposed to endocrine disruptors.
‘TTIP may come back from the dead,’ warns expert
Opposition to the EU’s transatlantic trade deals is alive and well. According to activists, TTIP is far from dead and CETA can still be stopped.
Secret TiSA trade deal equally as dangerous as TPP and TTIP finds new report
The current trade and investment system—including TTIP, TPP and TiSA—needs to be challenged and fundamentally transformed in order to achieve a more just and sustainable world.
Embedding human rights into corporate tax planning
The exploitation of loopholes has become the favorite play of an organized tax avoidance industry.
Trade and privacy: complicated bedfellows?
How to achieve data protection-proof free trade agreements?
Data flow in trade agreements
The French Government calls on the European Commission to adopt an open and innovation-friendly data flow system while preserving European interests in trade agreements
To safeguard the Paris agreement, trade deals must align with climate policy
Our trade agreements—current and proposed—don’t send the right signals for the U.S. and other countries to meet their Paris commitments.
EU sees pause in talks on free trade deal with US
The European Union’s top trade official says talks on the planned Trans-Atlantic trade deal are set to be put on hold following the election of Donald Trump in the United States.
Commission 2017 Work Programme: What’s in it for trade?
The negotiations towards a “reasonable and balanced free trade agreement with the US” part of the trade-related section of the Commission Work Programme for 2017.
Swiss cheese threatened by trade deals
Chemical products and cheese top the list of Swiss exports endangered by a proposed trade deal between the European Union and the United States, a government agency reported on Thursday.
Do free trade deals pose a threat to higher education?
The awareness of the threat posed to the public realm by international ‘free trade’ agreements has been heightened by the publication of new leaks and criticism from leading intellectuals.
Secret arbitration system affecting Romanian community
Protests against the Rosia Montana mine project continued for more than 15 years and resulted in the largest demonstrations in Romania since the late 1980’s.
TTIP: the impact on the Greek democracy, economy and society
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is one of the most important forthcoming steps for the wide-ranging transformation of the bourgeois society and capitalism.
Legal statement on investment protection in TTIP and CETA
Over 100 law professors from across Europe have come together to send a clear message to EU decision makers demanding the investor protection mechanisms be excluded from TTIP and CETA.
Commission faces EU court battle over secret TTIP documents
The European Commission faces an EU court battle to keep secret its lawyers’ analysis on whether the controversial investor-state-dispute (ISDS) clause in draft trade deals with the USA and Canada is illegal.
Over 4,000 protest against TTIP & CETA in Luxembourg
More than 4,000 people gathered in Luxembourg City to protest against controversial free trade agreements CETA and TTIP.
EU, US negotiators officially drop aim of concluding TTIP in 2016
Negotiators on both sides of the Atlantic have clearly given up on the idea of concluding TTIP talks this year, despite progress achieved on the technical aspects of the negotiations.
Trade for the people, not for corporate elites!
People Over Profit is a new global network of people’s movements and NGOs campaigning against FTAs and corporate plunder. Sign the call and join the action.
In boon for Big Pharma, TTIP would lock in high drug prices: report
’Unfortunately, trade agreements have become one more mechanism for drug corporations to expand their monopoly power’
TTIP’s changing focus in NYC
It may not be “TTIP lite” that the U.S. and EU are negotiating, but officials expect to focus on less contentious topics and “lock in as much progress as possible” at a week-long round of talks