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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (EU-US FTA), sometimes also called Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

Could a trade deal lift the US’ longstanding ban on crude oil exports? Europe thinks so.
The European Union is pressing the United States to lift its longstanding ban on crude oil exports through a sweeping trade and investment deal, according to a secret document from the negotiations, writes the Washington Post.
Leaked trade document exposes dangerous European Union energy proposal
A leaked European Union document published today by the Washington Post exposes the dangerous direction the trade deal between the U.S. and the EU is taking when it comes to raw material and energy.
Who lobbies most on TTIP?
CEO’s at-a-glance info-graphics shine a light on the corporate lobby behind the TTIP talks.
Who’s driving the EU-US trade talks?
New information released by Friends of the Earth Europe shows a largely industry-dominated discussion, behind closed doors, in what is being touted as the biggest bilateral trade agreement in history.
TTIP: the real costs of free trade
Although these deals are known as free trade agreements, they are only concerned with freedom for capital, explains Polly Jones of World Development Movement
TTIP documents could be made public after EU court ruling
European Union documents relating to the EU-US trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), could be made public after a European Court of Justice ruling yesterday (3 July).
TTIP: debunking the business propaganda over investor rights
The EU Commission’s plan to enshrine sweeping rights for foreign investors in the EU-US trade deal continues to draw heavy criticism. In response, industry lobby groups, law firms, and arbitrators have launched a tooth and nail defence of the business power grab. See through their propaganda with Corporate Europe Observatory’s guide to investment arbitration.
TTIP won’t let big banks wriggle out of regulations, EU negotiators insist
The European Commission denies that it is using the negotiations over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership to weaken financial regulation for the benefit of financial institutions.
Commission closes TTIP consultation — But is it listening?
Bernadette Ségol the General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation says trade unionists are “particularly concerned at statements from DG Trade implying that the consultation is about a reform of the ISDS system and is not open to a decisive rejection.”
EU-US free trade agreement (TTIP or TAFTA)
Short video on TTIP, promoting the UK’s #noTTIP day of action on 12th July 2014
EU and US insurers support including financial services market access and regulatory cooperation in TTIP
Insurance Europe, the American Insurance Association and the American Council of Life Insurers have issued a statement supporting the inclusion of market access and regulatory cooperation in financial services in TTIP.
What does copyright have to do with "free trade"? Unpicking the undemocratic TTIP
Reports are that TTIP may focus less on copyright and IP enforcement issues compared with TPP, and more on other legal regimes that are commonly lumped into the "intellectual property" catch-all, such as trade secrets.
De Gucht downplays corporate dominance in TTIP talks
Multinational companies will not be given too much power by a trade agreement between the European Union and the United States, the EU’s trade chief said on Tuesday (24 June), seeking to reassure consumer and environmental groups opposed to the pact.
Yes to a sustainable trade policy – no to the TTIP
This short publication highlights some of the potential risks that the EU-US free trade agreement represents to the developing and emerging countries.
European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP and CETA to start soon
Organisations from all across Europe are currently gearing up for a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) with the aim of repealing the European Union’s negotiating mandate for the Transatlantic Trade Investor Partnership (TTIP) and not concluding the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).
US says ’science’ should settle trans-Atlantic food trade rules
When US farm lobbyists push for "sound science" as the basis for food supply trade rules, what they mean by this term is that they want Europe to eliminate all restrictions on imports of food from the US, and to adopt a US-style food supply regulatory regime, stripped of the precautionary principle.
The European Commission must not trade off our crown jewels when negotiating the EU-US trade and investment deal
SOLIDAR, the Social Platform, EPSU and EPHA are jointly calling on the European Commission to explicitly exclude public services, including social and health services, from the ongoing TTIP negotiations.
French concerns over geographical indications will hamper TTIP talks
Wine is a casus belli for the French government, who may block transatlantic negotiations if geographical indications are not protected. EurActiv France reports.
TTIP: Labour will not back EU-US trade deal without NHS safeguards
The UK’s shadow trade and investment minister Ian Murray has said that Labour will withdraw its support for the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) if safeguards are not inserted to protect public services including the NHS from US investors.