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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (EU-US FTA), sometimes also called Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

Barnier insiste pour inclure les services financiers dans l’accord de libre-échange
Le commissaire européen chargé des Services financiers, Michel Barnier, a assuré hier qu’il continuerait de plaider pour que les services financiers soient inclus dans les négociations de libre-échange entre l’UE et les États-Unis.
EU publishes initial TTIP position papers
The European Commission has taken the "unprecedented" step of publicly releasing several of its position papers for the EU-US FTA negotiations, after they were widely leaked by media and activists and after some European governments complained about Brussels’ lack of transparency.
The US-EU trade deal: don’t buy the hype
There has been a big push out of Washington to convince the public that an economic bonanza awaits us if we can just complete a trade deal with the European Union. This is complete nonsense, unless we define down bonanza to mean finding a quarter on the street.
US activists praise Europe’s ways in trade talks
American activists urged European trade negotiators on Wednesday not to weaken environmental and food standards as they begin talks in Washington on a trans-Atlantic free trade agreement.
Trans-Atlantic trade symposium
VIdeo recording of civil society symposium on the US-EU trade agreement negotiations
The major obstacles to the EU-US free trade deal
Topics where EU and US politicians and stakeholders’ interests clash — such as public procurement, data protection, financial services and agricultural issues like geographical indicators and sanitary and phytosanitary measures – will prove the most problematic during talks.
After long buildup, US-EU free trade talks finally begin
The United States and the European Union, after nearly two years of preparation, start talks on Monday aimed at securing a free-trade agreement to squeeze new economic growth out of the world’s largest trade and investment relationship.
EU wants US beef ban lifted under TTIP
European Union representatives travelling to Washington DC next week for the first round of negotiations with the US to forge a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership want early progress on the Americans lifting the current ban on European beef, an EU source close to the negotiations said.
Will European requirements for labeling GMO foods survive new trade negotiations?
Will US trade negotiators seek the elimination of GMO restrictions in Europe through the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership?
EU-US FTA (TTIP) - EU initial position papers (June 2013)
Initial position papers from the Commission dated 20 June 2013 and leaked by IATP
European Union says US spying claims could affect free trade
EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding on Sunday warned that landmark negotiations with the United States to create a vast free trade zone could be affected if media reports that Washington had bugged EU premises proved true.
EU-US FTA (TTIP) - EU negotiating mandate (draft June 2013)
Third leaked draft, published by the FInancial Times’ "Brussels Blog" on 10 June 2013
Opponents question proposed trans-Atlantic trade deal
Controversy is building following the announcement that negotiations will soon begin on a free trade agreement between the United States and European Union, with critics warning that any such agreement could negatively affect a host of regulatory concerns.
EU, US launch talks on vast free trade deal
The European Union and the United States launched yesterday long-awaited formal negotiations on a vast trade pact, dubbed "the biggest bilateral deal in history."
Trade deal would benefit US more than EU, Ifo study finds
The US would gain more than the EU from a transatlantic trade deal, according to a study to be released on Monday.
Controversial debate on TTIP mandate in EU Council of Ministers
After hours of late night discussion, the European Union Foreign Affairs Council of Ministers meeting in Luxembourg Friday finally excluded the audiovisual sector from the negotiation mandate for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the bilateral treaty to be negotiated with the United States.
EU and US business to profit from the crisis?
After the green light received from the Council, the European Commission will start negotiating an FTA with the US in July. It is already clear the concerns of civil society organisations, of the European Parliament and of Member States, will not be addressed.
Factbox - Issues at the heart of EU-US free-trade talks
The European Union will try to overcome French resistance to free-trade talks with the United States on Friday and keep alive plans for a deal that could boost their struggling economies by dramatically increasing transatlantic business.
EU-US free trade agreement: A sectoral overview
An indepth look at possible stumbling blocks in the EU-US FTA negotiations