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Economic Partnership Agreement has never made much sense for Tanzania
The maths just never added up. The costs for the country and the EAC region would have been higher than the benefits.
Signing of the EAC-EU EPA: Tanzania refusal letter
By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Eastern African Cooperation, United Republic of Tanzania
East Africa: Why cautionary approach to EPA’s deal is important
Signing this pact at the moment would expose young EAC countries to harsh economic conditions in post-Brexit Europe
East Africa: Uganda hints at adopting Dar’s standpoint on EPA
Uganda is prepared to delay the signing of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) after Tanzania, one of the East Africa Community (EAC) partner states, raised the red flag.
East Africa: Tanzania’s u-turn sparks calls for rethink of EU trade deal
It is imperative for East African Community (EAC) to listen carefully to the issues Tanzania is related to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) the bloc concluded with the European Union.
Tanzania backs out of EAC deal with EU over Brexit
Tanzania has said it will not sign an economic partnership agreement between East Africa Community and European Union following Brexit, causing anguish and shock at the EAC headquarters in Arusha.
East Africa: region’s exports to EU face tough conditions
Mistrust has emerged among the East African Community partner states over Tanzania’s commitment to the Economic Partnership Agreement that would give the region’s goods duty-free access to European markets.
CTI applauds move towards an African FTA
Plans by African leaders to launch an ambitious Free Trade Area comprising of 26 countries and backed by over 600 million people next month are in the right direction for the private sector.
Kenya flowers at crossroads over EPAs trade talks
A senior Kenyan Government officer who wished not to be named confirmed that Tanzania has been dragging its feet in embracing the new EU trade deal. “This might prompt Kenya to sign the agreement alone," he said.
EU, Africa Economic Partnership Agreements imbalanced - Mkapa
Retired President Benjamin William Mkapa has argued Inter Action Council European members to press on their governments to ensure that the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) they are negotiating with African countries do not threaten the development aspirations of Africa.
Academicians, Diplomats Caution Continent on EPAs
The signing of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) must be based on Africa’s integration priorities and not dictated by Europe’s interests, a continental forum heard in Dar es Salaam on Friday.
Activists submit recommendations on EPA
Tanzania Ecumenical Dialogue Group (TEDG) has presented to the government a statement calling for Tanzania not to sign the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with Europe until contentious issues in its framework are sorted out.
EU faults Mkapa on Epa
Former President Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania has recently warned East African states to be wary of EPA as it was another Europe form of colonising the continent.
S. Korea to build farming infrastructure in Tanzania
South Korea will develop 100,000 ha of farmland in Tanzania and make inroads into European markets, thanks to the EU-Korean FTA, a state-run rural development corporation said Thursday.
TCCIA: Make use of trade pact
Members of the business community here have been urged to exploit opportunities offered by the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) to bolster their enterprises and invigorate the country’s economy.
Tanzania: Thirsty for justice
British water giant Biwater cannot use an investment treaty to make Tanzania pay millions for an abrogated water privatization contract, an international tribunal ruled in July.
Tanzania’s land policy unruffled by planned EAC market
The planned common market of the East African Community (EAC) that is expected to become operational in 2010 will not affect Tanzania’s land policy, it has been said. Opening a parliamentary seminar that discussed the EAC common market debate here yesterday, the Minister for East African Cooperation Dr Diodorus Kamala insisted that foreigners would not be given mandate to buy or own land in Tanzania.
Biwater fails in Tanzanian damages claim
A British water company thrown out of Tanzania over a bungled privatisation deal has failed in its bid to win up to £10m in damages.
US-EAC TIFA (2008)
Canada has recently started bilateral investment treaty negotiations with Tanzania, Mongolia, Madagascar, Indonesia and Vietnam
Canada is becoming more engaged in international treaty negotiation and has recently announced that: Canada and Tanzania; Canada and Mongolia; Canada and Madagascar; Canada and Indonesia; and Canada and Vietnam have agreed to begin negotiations towards a Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA).