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$1 billion bonanza hope in US deal
The New Zealand National Party’s trade spokesman Tim Groser believes the dairy sector is likely to emerge as the big winner from the United States’ decision to negotiate a free trade pact with New Zealand and three other countries because the deal could break down strict tariff barriers for dairy products entering the US. He also predicts Australia will want to get involved in the deal.
US FTA shows lessons of Fonterra not learned
The New Zealand Alliance Party says a proposed new free trade deal with the USA is a race to the bottom that will be great for big business and terrible for workers. The party’s trade spokesperson Victor Billot says any free trade deal is coming at a strange time as the global financial system teeters on the edge of collapse and Fonterra’s venture into China has ended in disaster.
US to join budding Asia-Pacific FTA
The United States has agreed to join Singapore, New Zealand, Chile and Brunei in a free trade agreement which could set the pace for a broader Asia-Pacific free trade area, officials said.
Danger ahead! Back door US deal threatens all remaining foreign investment rules
The NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade recently announced the opening of negotiations with Singapore, Chile and Brunei to extend a two year old trade and investment agreement (the grandly named Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership - often known as the P4) into investment and financial services.
US trade decision ’great news’ says AmCham
The United States decision to get involved in forging a trade accord involving New Zealand is a major milestone in the quest for a US-NZ free trade agreement, says the American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand (AmCham). AmCham has been lobbying hard for a US-NZ FTA for nearly 10 years now.
Investmt treaty threat to sovereignty, environment
The NZ Green Party is calling on Labour to halt discussions on an investment treaty because of the threat the treaty poses to our sovereignty and our environmental standards. This follows the announcement today that the United States is seriously considering joining negotiations about an investment treaty between the P4 treaty partners of New Zealand, Chile, Singapore and Brunei.
NZ welcomes US entering P4 trade talks
Trade Minister Phil Goff has welcomed the United States decision to join negotiations with New Zealand and three other countries on a joint financial services and investment agreement.
NZ: Momentum growing for free-trade deal with US
It would appear that Washington is most interested in forging a deal with the Pacific Four nations (New Zealand, Singapore, Chile and Brunei) who have forged a Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (known as P4).
P4 trade deal takes another step
The ratification of the trade deal between New Zealand, Chile, Brunei and Singapore has taken another step with the Chilean senate approving the deal.
Other countries urged to join P4 trade agreement
New Zealand and Singapore are encouraging other countries to join the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement, dubbed the "P4" that also includes Chile and Brunei.
Submission on the Transpacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement 2005
The Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (P4) is the latest attempt to bind the policy options of present and future New Zealand governments to a global liberalisation agenda that is facing a crisis.
A Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (SEP): a case study report with a Chilean perspective
One of the main consequences of globalization has been the expansion of international trade. Bringing down trade barriers and witnessing the alleged ongoing deregulation of the global market seems to be a picture that many find quite alluring.
FTA signed: NZ, Chile, Singapore and Brunei to end tariffs
Government officials today signed off on a multi-nation free trade agreement that will end all trade tariffs among New Zealand, Chile, Singapore and Brunei by 2015.
Brunei too in historic free-trade agreement
Brunei Darussalam together with Chile, New Zealand and Singapore are now the founding members of the first ever Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement.
P4 Economic Partnership Agreement - key outcomes
Press release from NZ government outlining key features of the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement between Brunei, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore.
Media info note: Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement
On 3 Jun 05, the trade ministers of Brunei, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore announced the substantive conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (“Trans-Pacific SEP”) on the sidelines of the APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade (MRT) meeting in Jeju (Korea).
S’pore, Brunei, Chile, NZ sign trans-Pacific trade pact
New Zealand, Brunei, Chile and Singapore announced a trans-Pacific free trade pact to improve market access between the countries.
Singapore, Brunei, Chile and NZ complete 5th round of FTA talks
Singapore, Chile, New Zealand and Brunei have completed their fifth round of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations.
Critique of the proposed Chile-New Zealand Closer Economic Partnership (P3 with Singapore)
The New Zealand, Chile and Singapore governments are promoting a P-3 whose primary - and arguably only - beneficiaries are the transnational companies that straddle two of the three countries, including opportunists who locate there to take advantage of the deal. The greatest potential beneficiaries are the agribusiness interests of Fonterra and Nestle as they promote their shared strategy to dominate Latin America’s dairy industry.
Diplomatic gaffe during Chile trade deal
A diplomatic gaffe by "jet-lagged" Trade Minister Jim Sutton is thought unlikely to deter Chile from signing a three-way trade deal with New Zealand and Singapore next year.