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The government of South Korea has concluded, or is pursuing negotiations for, a number of bilateral free trade and investment agreements. Korean social movements have been mobilizing in opposition to these ever since the Korea-Chile FTA was proposed. So far, South Korea has signed deals with Chile (2004), EFTA (2004), Singapore (2005), ASEAN (2007) the US (2007, ratified in 2011), Peru (2011) and Turkey (2012). Talks are under way with Canada, China, Mexico, India, the EU and, technically speaking, Japan. Negotiations with Colombia have stalled over Colombia’s demands for access for better terms for its fruit and flower exports than what Korea gives Chile and Peru. Seoul is also looking to open discussions with Mercosur, Malaysia, Mexico and possibly Israel.

last update: May 2012
Photo: Joe Mabel / CC BY-SA 3.0

S. Korea presses US to ratify key international labor conventions
With the Korean government last year having ratified three conventions, including one prohibiting the use of forced labor, it has now ratified seven of eight core ILO conventions. Meanwhile, the US has ratified only two.
S. Korea, Turkey seek deeper economic ties via FTA
South Korea and Turkey checked the outcome of their free trade agreement that went into effect nine years ago and discussed ways to further deepen trade and investment ties.
S. Korea, Mexico agree to resume talks on free trade deal
South Korea and Mexico have agreed to resume negotiations to forge a bilateral free trade agreement 14 years after their suspension.
S. Korea, Britain agree to launch talks on FTA revision
South Korea and Britain have agreed to launch talks this year to upgrade their free trade deal in a move to deepen ties in digital trade and other new issues.
King signs South Korea FTA ratification into law
A bill authorising the ratification of the Cambodia-Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA) has been promulgated into law, moving the two Asian nations into the final stretch for the enactment of the deal
Traders eye key trade talks that may boost Mideast oil to Korea
Oil traders are turning their focus to a potential trade agreement between South Korea and some major Persian Gulf producers that may reduce prices of Middle Eastern crude in the months to come.
S. Korea, Egypt agree to conduct joint study on free trade deal
South Korea and Egypt agreed to conduct a joint feasibility study on a bilateral free trade agreement.
Korea, GCC to resume free trade talks after 12-year hiatus
A potential free trade agreement between the two sides will increase mutual benefits in the fields of goods, service, investment, intellectual property and energy, said Korean President.
South Korea to adopt RCEP tariff rates starting from February 1
China’s Ministry of Finance on Thursday announced that South Korea will adopt the favorable tariff rates of the RCEP trade pact starting from February 1, as the country has finished ratification of the deal.
S. Korea, Uzbekistan to hold summit on trade, supply chains
The two leaders will reaffirm their strong commitment to advancing negotiations on a bilateral trade agreement. Uzbekistan is rich in natural resources such as copper and tungsten.