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New Zealand is a party to a number of completed free trade and investment agreements. These are: the Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Agreement (1983); the New Zealand-Singapore Closer Economic Partnership (2001); the New Zealand-Thailand Closer Economic Partnership (2005); the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership or P4 (2005); the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement (2008), the Australia-ASEAN-New Zealand free trade agreement (2009), the New Zealand-Malaysia FTA (2009),an FTA with the GCC, (2009) and the New Zealand-Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership (2010).

A New Zealand-India deal has been mooted. New Zealand’s government has indicated that it wants FTAs with Korea and Taiwan

While talk of a US-New Zealand FTA was hotly resisted and never got off the ground, partly because of New Zealand’s anti-nuclear policy, the expansion of what was initially called the P4 agreement to include the US (the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement) threatens to bring important changes to New Zealand policies.

New Zealand has also signed a number of IPPAs (bilateral investment treaties) with Chile, Argentina, Hong Kong, China and others.

last update: May 2012
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Dairy access a hurdle in Russia trade deal talks
The Government says New Zealand’s robust dairy sector is the main sticking point in brokering a free-trade deal with Russia.
City state will remain testing ground for mainland reforms
The Hong Kong Government forged a Closer Economic Partnership agreement (CEPA) because it admired New Zealand’s free trade credentials.
Key needs to get tough over trade deal
Prime Minister John Key will be disappointed to leave Seoul without a firm commitment from Lee Myung-bak to finalise the bilateral free trade negotiations before the South Korean President leaves office this year.
Key plugs free-trade deal with Seoul
Time is running out for New Zealand to secure a quality free-trade agreement with Korea, Prime Minister John Key has admitted.
New Zealand eyes FTA with S. Korea this year
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key would like to see a free trade agreement (FTA) with South Korea agreed this year in order to bolster bilateral trade links, despite admitting Monday that some South Korean industries would resist a deal.
Free trade triumvirate next coup for NZ
After China and Hong Kong, New Zealand will now seek a free trade agreement with Taiwan
Korean fishing company pledges cooperation
A Christchurch-based company which charters Korean fishing boats for New Zealand waters says it will cooperate with a ministerial inquiry into conditions aboard foreign fishing boats.
Key says child labour not part of FTA
India’s use of child labour is unacceptable but free trade agreement negotiations are not the forum to deal with it, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says.
Dairy unaffected by India deal
Waikato farmers will benefit from a potential free trade agreement with India but it will not have a direct impact on the dairy payout, according to a Waikato academic.
Trade deal with India likely to be tough ask
Trade Minister Tim Groser says it’s crucial that New Zealand develops a strong commercial relationship with India, which he describes as the world’s second emerging superpower.


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  • Our World Is Not For Sale (New Zealand)
    The OUR WORLD IS NOT FOR SALE campaign was formed around building the protests at the September 2007 US-NZ Partnership Forum, the global justice campaign aims to build public support and organisation against the signing of any form of free trade agreement between the United States and New Zealand.