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Anti-FTA group urges govt to abandon FTAs

Bangkok Post, 28 April 2006

Anti-FTA group urges govt to abandon FTAs

An activist group monitoring the Free Trade Area agreements between Thailand and other countries has urged the Government to stop negotiating now and give up plans to sign FTA accords with Japan and the United States.

Withoon Lianchamroon, key coordinator of FTA Watch Group, said the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Thai Industries both supported his stance against the Government’s plans to negotiate or sign FTA agreements with Japan and the US .

He suggested that such transactions not be done until after the Constitution has been amended and political reforms made.

Mr Withoon added that changes in future trade relations between Thailand and other countries should only be carried out on the condition that they not involve any schemes leading to the privatisation of state firms or the exploitation of Thailand’s resources.

The FTA Watch Group coordinator said that such agreements should have the prior approval of parliament and be decided upon by public referendum, and that rules governing such international matters should also be observed as organic law reflected in the Constitution. - (TNA)

 source: Bangkok Post