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Big Business claims sector’s right to speak out

Dominican Today, Dominican Republic

Big Business claims sector’s right to speak out

3 October 2006

Santo Domingo.- National Private Enterprise Council (Conep) president Elena Viyella said today that the entrepreneurs’ concern over the public payroll is part of inherent rights they have as citizens to demand full accounting from those who, in a democracy, have been delegated the [nation’s] power.

Viyella said that citizens, and not just businesspersons, “pay taxes and delegate power, precisely within a democracy such as the one that we live in — and want to continue to live in, because we believe that this is the best system.”

“We have duties to fulfill and we have rights,” she affirmed during one of the morning talk shows today.

As to the budget allocations assigned to the education and health sectors, Viyella considered that the concept that health and education “are not expenditures, but investments,” has not taken hold yet among those managing the State.

On the issue of the impeding implementation of the Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA), the business leader said that the country is not doing enough to prepare to the accord, which has been postponed on various occasions, “but that sooner or later will be here.”