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CAWN action against EU-Central America FTA

Central America Women’s Network | July 2008

The July 2008 edition of A-Genda focuses on Central American women’s strategies in response to the Association Agreement currently being negotiated between the European Union and Central America.

As negotiations have progressed, Europe’s inflexibility about making a far-reaching free trade agreement the basis of its future association with Central America has become patently clear. CAWN’s briefing paper on the impact of the Association Agreement - attached with this newsletter - explains why women’s rights and gender equality would suffer under such an agreement.

The EU is negotiating behind closed doors and aims to finalize the Association Agreement before Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson stands down in 2009. Urgent action is needed to strengthen democratic scrutiny of the negotiations and ensure that the Association Agreement with Europe doesn’t worsen poverty, gender inequality and violations of women’s rights in Central America.

If your MEPs speak English, please join CAWNs campaign and send the attached letter. Everyone has several European representatives in their area; if you dont know yours, you can find out who they are and how to contact them by visiting: Our aim is to urge as many MEPs as possible to scrutinise the agreement. You can have an even bigger impact by arranging a face-to-face meeting with your MEP to discuss your concerns. You can find further information about the Association Agreement and campaigns against trade liberalization at CAWNs website:

Please help CAWN to keep track of the campaign by sending an email to with the words “AA action” and the name of the MEP you contacted in the subject line. We’d be very interested to see copies of letters of response, and hear about any meetings you have.

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