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Costa Rica: Social groups to protest tomorrow for the independence of the courts from the executive

Monday 01 September 2008, San José, Costa Rica

Social Groups To Protest Tomorrow For the Independence Of the Courts From the Executive

Dozens of organizations of the Movimiento Social (Social Movement)
will be convening on Tuesday in front of the Poder Judicial de Costa Rica, in downtown San José, to demand the magistrates of the Corte Plena (Full Court) its independence from the powers of the State and reject its alliance with the Poder Ejecutivo (Executive branch of the government).

Rodrigo Cabezas and Gerardo Fumero, two of the main opponents of the Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) — free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States — and neoliberal policies, explained that this is a national "autoconvocatoria" where all social organizations will participate.

Fumero regretted that the Sala Constitucional or Sala IV (Constitutional Court) has given a favourable opinion on laws that clash with the Constitution, despite the serious analysis of Costa Rican lawyers who warn of their unconstitutionality.

Fumero added that the Sala IV gave its approval to Ley 1710 which modifies the FTA agreement from what the public approved in the referendum of last October.

"The law was approved in the referendum and can not be changed by legislators it can only be amended by the people in another referendum. The court action contradicts popular will" Fumero said.

Fumero added that the protest of September 2 is also aimed at the lies of Costa Rican president, Oscar Arias, who said it was easier to change the 10 Commandments than the FTA.

He stressed that this falsehood was demonstrated when the first amendment is the power that is granted to the Executive of the United States for certifying the document.

"This government has served on a plate its national sovereignty to the U.S." Fumero said.

"In Costa Rica there is no justice, no ethics, we live in a tyranny in democracy. The division of powers of the Republic does not exist ", said Rodrigo Cabezas.

"In times past it was said that the president was designated in the Club Unión (a downtown San José club of the elite), but now the president is designated by large Central American employers, with ties to international corporations and Mexican telecommunications tycoon, Carlos Slim", said Cabezas.

"Tuesday will also be in support of Catholic priests like Ronal Vargas, for his social work in Guanacaste in favour of the pople, as well as work of father (Gerard) Vargas in Limon, a great social fighter" Cabezas added.

Cabezas also stressed that the protest is against the immorality of a Protestant Pastor and Congressman, who pocketed ¢90 million colones to change his vote in favor of the FTA.

Both leaders called on all citizens to participate in the peaceful protest that is expected to attract thousands beginning at 10am.

 source: Inside Costa Rica