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Dominican Republic’s Free Trade with Canada would boost investments

Dominican Today, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic’s Free Trade with Canada would boost investments

8 June 2007

SANTO DOMINGO.- Dominican Republic could become a key regional center for the re-export of merchandise and services, through the mechanisms in the United States-Mexico-Canada trade triangle after it signs free trade pacts with the two latter countries, said the Foreign Ministry’s head of Trade Negotiations today.

Juan Guiliani said yesterday’s announcement by Canada’s International Trade minister, David Emerson, on a possible trade pact with the Caribbean country confirmed the free trade agreement’s reach with the Dominican Republic, "which would allow to expand the country’s trade borders with nations with which we have had fruitful businesses relations."

He said Foreign minister Carlos Morales will travel to Mexico in July to attend a Dominican Republic-Mexico Mixed Bilateral Commission meeting, which he said would bolster relations. "Given the great importance for our economy that partners of the caliber of Mexico and Canada have, nations that together with the United States, and Central America with the Dr Cafta, it would conjugate a highly strategic regional tripod of trade and investments for our country."

He said the Dr-Cafta have given the country promising opportunities from its strategic geographic position, “which would serve as trade a platform towards a re-export strategy of goods and services for large consumer markets.”

He said investors from Mexico as well as Canada have become active partners whose presences contribute jobs, generate currencies and transfer technologies.