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FTA with Canada operational within 3 months: Minister

Canada Reports | Tuesday, 12 April 2011

FTA with Canada operational within 3 months: Minister

Edward Fox

Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin stated Monday that the free trade agreement between Colombia and Canada should be operational within the next two to three months.

According to Caracol Radio, Colombia’s ambassador to Canada, Clemencia Forero Ucros, delivered a message to the Canadian government on Monday stating that Colombia has met all the technical requirements stipulated in the agreement signed between the two countries in Lima, Peru on November 21, 2008.

Minister Holguin said from Madrid, where she is conducting a state visit with President Santos, "Colombia is opening its economic prospects, because, as well as the FTA with the U.S., the exchange of letters with Canada means the agreement should be operational in two or three months and the agreement with Turkey will start operating in May."

The FTA with Canada received quick approval from the Colombian Congress after it was signed in 2008 but sat dormant in the Canadian parliament until it was finally approved last June.

 source: Canada Reports