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Full text of US-Pakistan joint statement

Daily Times, Pakistan

23 September 2004

Full text of US-Pakistan joint statement

WASHINGTON: US and Pakistani presidents reviewed progress in the global war on terror and pledged to continue working together. President George Bush expressed appreciation for Pakistan’s efforts in this area. The two leaders also welcomed the progress of the Joint Working Group on Terrorism and Law Enforcement and agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation in this regard.

President Pervez Musharraf highlighted the need for addressing the underlying causes that have given rise to disaffection and frustration in the Islamic world. In this connection, he recalled his concept of Enlightened Moderation which envisages cooperation of the United States and other leading world powers in finding solutions to longstanding issues that affect the Muslim world.

The two leaders also noted their cooperation to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and reaffirmed their commitment to sustain efforts towards this end.

They discussed the importance of building security and prosperity in the region. They noted the urgency of maintaining a safe environment for fair elections in Afghanistan and President Bush thanked President Musharraf for his efforts in support of out-of-country voting in Pakistan.

President Bush noted the significant economic progress that Pakistan has made in recent years and reaffirmed US support for Pakistan’s efforts to sustain reform and growth. He reiterated the US administration’s pledge to provide $3 billion over five years to help in important areas such as security and the social sector. President Musharraf expressed appreciation for US support to Pakistan’s social sector, economic development and poverty reduction programmes.

The two leaders expressed satisfaction that the Pakistan-US Joint Trade and Investment Council set up under the 2003 Trade and Investment Framework Agreement would meet later this month. They reiterated their commitment to expand bilateral trade and investment.

The two leaders also welcomed the growing cooperation in the area of science and technology under the umbrella agreement signed in June 2003. President Musharraf reiterated his commitment to democracy and his intent to strengthen the country’s democratic institutions and bring sustainable democracy in Pakistan.

Taking note of the rich agenda for cooperation, President Bush once again emphasised a long-term commitment from US to Pakistan and to the region. President Musharraf expressed appreciation for a close collaboration by US and looked forward to building on this solid foundation in the future. Both presidents agreed to expand and deepen bilateral relations to the mutual benefit of the two countries. staff report