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Global week of action on trade: 10-16 April 2005

Martin Gordon, Christian Aid
on behalf of the Global Week of Action

January 2005

The main aims of the week is to challenge the free trade myth and to put forward our alternatives, to strengthen the already existing trade campaigns and to show the strength of the global movement, campaigning in solidarity.

Hundreds of organisations who are campaigning against bilateral treaties and agreements are already involved in ways that strengthen their existing campaigns. EPAs, FTAA, CAFTA etc will feature heavily in some of the campaigns during the week.

More information can be found on The site is constantly updated.

Global Week of Action on Trade - What has already been planned?

Overview - materials and website
- Events already planned in 40-60 countries. More info on after the WSF
- 150+ organisations have endorsed the call to action.
- 40+ national contacts from 6 continents
- 20,000+ of visits to the Global Week of Action website.
- 50,000+ Action Guides, Worship Guides and postcards printed in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Bengali.

- Well attended seminar at the Americas Social Forum in July 2004.
- Hemispheric Social Alliance, Continental Campaign against ALCA, Jubilee South and Latin America Council of Churches (CLAI) all involved and planning events in up to 20 Latin American countries
- Cultural and educational events planned in Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Peru
- US / Canada - Farmers tour, concerts, letter writing campaign with students.

- Seminar at the Africa Social Forum in December and the Southern Africa ecumenical consultation in November 2004, led to commitment to organise actions and events in about 15 African countries
- Zambia - 1 million signature petition on cotton underway
- Mozambique - focus on cotton
- Senegal - Week of cultural events with focus on agriculture and services
- Ghana - Chickens being sent to Parliament to highlight poultry issues as a result of IMF / WB conditions
- Kenya - farmers hearings.
- Activities planned in Mali, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone

- India - rallies are planned in every state (25+), alongside a nation-wide signature campaign.
Bangladesh - massive rally and nation-wide vote for trade justice.
- Sri Lanka - Bethan
- GWA national consultations planned in Philippines and Thailand.

- Significant promotion at the European Social Forum in October 2004
- UK - Major programme of local activities across the nation with an all night event, ‘Wake Up to Trade Justice’, on 15/16 April in central London
- Norway - a mass lobby of parliament planned for Friday 15.
- Denmark - a unfair football match, concert and public debate
- Germany - church services planned for Sunday 10, and events through the week cumulating in a giant protest towards the trade minister on Saturday 16
- Italy - events in every city during the week, finishing with a rally in Rome on Saturday 16
- Irish TJM - Grain march
- Brussels - group of NGOs is organising a funeral procession to the DG Trade on Thursday 14
- Geneva - WTO events planned inc press conference
- Events are also being planned in Sweden, Finland, - Belgium and the Netherlands.

- Media pages planned on to show events as they happen before and during the week.

 source: Global Week of Action on Trade