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Honduras advocates to defend its territorial integrity

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Prensa Latina | 1 June 2023

Honduras advocates to defend its territorial integrity

by : Alina Ramos Martin

This is related to the complaint made the day before by government functionaries on the absence of legality in the litigation that the International Center for Settlement of Disputes (ICSID) opened on the case of the Employment and Economic Development Zone (ZEDE) against the Government.

According to the Minister of Finance, Rixi Moncada, the ICSID, as an international body, by admitting the ZEDE dispute, disregards the legislation of Honduras, “of provisions provided for in our domestic law since 1988”.

Speaking as part of the presidential commission for the defense of the territory and sovereignty together with the Attorney General’s Office, the head of the commission referred to the looting that the companies associated with the ZEDE intend to carry out through a false arbitration.

Moncada assured that originally the associated companies were not involved in the financial operations, but saw in this litigation the opportunity to join the looting.

The Minister assured that the ICSID disregards the principle of “what is agreed is binding”, which is a basic principle of civil and international law.

“We say to those enemies that they are going to lose (…) because we are right, we have the right, we have national and international principles”, she said.

On the same issue, the Attorney General, Manuel Díaz, pointed out that this Tuesday the Government sent a communication to the ICSID about the process promoted by the company Honduras Próspera, which intends to sustain the referred litigation against the State.

In this regard, Diaz emphasized that the ZEDE issue is one of the largest public-private corruption in Latin America, which is why they made public such actions.

In addition to Moncada and Díaz, the commission was integrated by the Chancellor, Eduardo Enrique Reina ; and the presidential commissioner for the defense of the territory, Fernando García.

 source: Prensa Latina