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Indonesia may only need FTA with Japan, Australia, US: Economist

April 20, 2005

Asia Pulse

Indonesia May Only Need FTA With Japan, Australia, US: Economist

JAKARTA, April 20 Asia Pulse - A leading economist said Indonesia does not necessarily seek to have free trade agreement (FTA) bilaterally with many other countries.

Hadi Soesastro from the political and economic think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), said Indonesia may only need FTA with Japan, Australia and the United States.

Indonesia and Japan are expected to have FTA soon. Japan already has FTA with Indonesian rivals in ASEAN .

Hadi said Indonesia will lose if it fails to form FTA with Japan as other countries in this region are more active seeking closer relationships with Tokyo.

FTA with Japan will open greater opportunity to expand market for Indonesian commodities and increase investment flows from that country to Indonesia, he said.


 source: Asia Pulse