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Iran supports creation of free trade zone with EAEU

Tehran Times | 21 February 2017

Iran supports creation of free trade zone with EAEU

During a meeting on Tuesday with visiting Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Ivanovich Shuvalov, Jahangiri said Iran is willing to develop economic cooperation with the EAEU members.

He also announced President Rouhani’s plan to visit Moscow to expand Tehran-Moscow economic ties, saying such ties with Russia are of prime importance to the Islamic Republic.

“We should try to finalize the arrangements for an agreement on formation of a free trade zone between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union before Dr. Rouhani’s trip to Moscow,” the vice president said.

He further expressed hope that Shuvalov’s visit to Tehran would lead to further development of political and economic relations between the two counties.

“The Joint Economic Cooperation Commission of Iran and Russia should remove the obstacles to the expansion of relations and also offer solutions for tackling the hurdles,” he said.

He also hoped President Rouhani’s visit to Moscow would lead to the achievement of good deals between the two countries, saying Iran welcomes participation of Russian companies in its oil and gas projects.

Shuvalov, for his turn, said the Russian President Vladimir Putin attaches great importance to ties with Iran.

“Following Mr. Putin’s order to expand economic relations between Iran and Russia and a boost in imports of Iran’s agricultural products to Russia and Eurasian countries, the volume of trade between the two countries has witnessed a 30% increase,” he said.

“Creating a free trade zone between Iran and Eurasian countries can contribute to the trade relations between the two sides,” he added.

Iran and Russia enjoy close relations that have been reinforced in recent years. The two countries cooperate on diverse fields including economy, industry and military.

 source: Tehran Times