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An attack on democracy: new legal analysis on splitting of EU-Mercosur deal

A new legal analysis lifts the lid on an attempt by the European Commission to “split” the EU-Mercosur trade deal, in order to approve the ‘trade’ part of the deal without the unanimous support of EU member states and without national ratification by parliaments throughout the EU.

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India plans to challenge EU carbon tax at WTO

The exporters’ body warned the EU plan could make India’s free trade agreements with other countries and a proposed pact with the EU "redundant" as the prices of many exporters’ goods would rise.

"The EU Agreement doesn’t favor Moroccan growers"

The objective was the agricultural development of Morocco’s rural population and traditional farmers. It’s been a fallacy because the rural population hasn’t developed and Moroccan farmers haven’t improved their situation.

Cambodia, Vietnam sign trade agreement

Cambodia and Vietnam have signed an agreement to promote bilateral trade for 2023-2024, noting that it is an important mechanism that will promote and enhance bilateral cooperation in all sectors.