Days of action

- 7-13 Dec 2017: Week of action against WTO in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More details here


Chile interested in joint partnerships with Pakistan

12-Dec-2017The Nation A Joint Feasibility Group will work to formalize the FTA within six months’ period.

Key issues

New report shows that trade tribunals are threatening the right to water

12-Dec-2017 IATPA new report finds that the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) process, included in NAFTA and other trade and investment agreements, is threatening the right to water around the world.


8-Dec-2017  Ouf !Résultats de la Conférence syndicale sur les accords de partenariat économique – Afrique/UE
boucard : Dehors les APE ! Dans le cadre d’une association "Peuples solidaires-Action aid" j’ai travaillé sur ces APE et depuis le début je suis les articles
1-Dec-2017  The Multilateral Investment Court locking in ISDS
Pierre DIDIER: 1.Foreign direct investment is incommensurably higher in countries that fully respect the rule of law. In the others, only a form of ISDS can
17-Nov-2017  Accord d’association avec l’UE : L’Algérie perd plus de 700 milliards DA
mishka171: si l’Algérie ne dénonce pas cet accord bilateral malgré le manqué à gagner c’est qu’il leur est quand meme utile....