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Least favored nation: Impact of EU trade agreements on US agriculture

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
GAIN Report
Global Agriculture Information Network
GAIN Report Number: E35076
EU-25 Trade Policy Monitoring


Least Favored Nation: Impact of EU Trade Agreements on US Agriculture

Report Highlights:

From a sample of the EU’s free trade agreements, it would appear that they do not cover "substantially all trade," especially when looking at the agricultural sector individually. While trade may have increased overall, the percentage of fully liberalized agricultural products is considerably less than those products that continue to incur some restriction to trade.

The apparent impact of these agreements on the competitiveness of US exports is substantial. With the continuation of preferences being given to third countries the US stands to lose a considerable share in EU and third country markets. Combined with the expansion of the EU, liberalized trade between the EU and third countries will continue to grow and have an adverse effect on US producers.

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 source: FAS