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Mercosur files

Photo: Bruno Kelly/Amazônia Real/Wikimedia/CC BY 2.0

Friends of the Earth Europe | 28 February 2023

Mercosur files: How European trade deals will propel destructive agribusiness in the Mercosur region

The people and lands of Brazil are facing a legacy of destruction. Four years of Bolsonaro’s aggressive anti-environmental presidential agenda sparked skyrocketing levels of deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions, rural conflicts and contemporary slave labour. Now Bolsonaro is gone but major agribusiness corporations – many linked directly to European company supply chains – continue to exploit natural resources and communities.

Despite this ongoing devastation, and with the Amazon likely at an irreversible environmental tipping point, the European Union continues to push for a free trade agreement with Mercosur which would increase the pressure on the region.

This factsheet is the first of a short series that reveals the extent of the damage done by corporate activities in the Mercosur region, and why scrapping the EU-Mercosur deal is crucial to reversing the damage done by agribusiness.

This factsheet is produced with the research of Reporter Brasil and edited by Friends of the Earth Europe.

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 source: Friends of the Earth Europe