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Peru exported 140 non-traditional products to China

Andina, Peru

Peru exported 140 non-traditional products to China

8 March 2011

Lima, Mar. 08 (ANDINA). Peru exported 140 new products from the non-traditional sector to the People’s Republic of China in the first year of the enforcement of the bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA), said Thursday Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, Carlos Posada.

“The FTA with China has been one of the most successful agreements Peru has ever signed. This FTA with China has significantly increased non-traditional exports,” added Posada.

He highlighted that Peru is a non-traditional exporter, mainly on mining and fishing, however, the trade agreement with China has generated an exponential increase of non-traditional production.

“This is very important as non-traditional production generates more jobs, quality of employment and more product diversification,” told Posada to TV Peru.

Peruvian exports to China grew 33% in 2010 and Peru continues reporting a trade surplus of US$306 million.