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PM urges US-type rules

The Nation, Bangkok


1 October 2003

PM urges US-type rules

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has ordered the Commerce Ministry to
quickly address the issue of intellectual property-right violations to
facilitate the creation of the Thailand-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Thaksin told yesterday’s Cabinet meeting that the United States required
intellectual property protection. and the implementation of copyright
laws to protect registered products."The US government has approved the
FTA with Thailand, but the US House committees and members of the
private sector have expressed opposition, saying that Thailand does not
provide enough measures and to protect rights owners," said Sita Divari,
the government spokesman.

The Thailand-US FTA topped the agenda of a bilateral meeting between US
President George W Bush and Thaksin, during the latter’s recent visit to
Washington, DC.

The government will hold further trade talks with the US during the Asia-Pacific
Economic Cooperation’s leaders meeting on October 20-21.