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Relase IPA Activists that demand to stop trade liberalization!

21 April 2013

Press Release IPA

Relase IPA Activists that demand to stop trade liberalization!

Indonesian Peoples Alliance (IPA), a broad platform of campaign for sovereignty and trade to serve the peoples, is condemn the facists action of Indonesian government that crackdown IPA rally on Surabaya, East Java today(20/4). Indonesian Police Dept in Surabaya is arrested IPA activists that hold a picket to oppose APEC Trade Minister meeting (20-21 April) and trade liberalizations agenda. This crackdown is expose the true face of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Budiono admistration as international monopoly capitalists lackeys, said Ario Adityo, Managing Director of Institute for National and Democracy Studies (INDIES).

“This crackdown is a diehard act of indonesian government to ensure trade liberalization flow will have smooth process, which is the facts of trade liberalization is destroying agriculture and Indonesia mid-small industry” Ario Adityo of Indonesian Peoples Alliance (IPA)

This peaceful protest is being organized by IPA members in Surabaya, East Java, they are Front Mahasiswa Nasional (FMN) Surabaya, FMN Jombang, FMN Malang and Forum Komunikasi Pemuda Surabaya (FPKS-Youth). The picket is been done in Basuki Rahmat St, not far from JW Mariot Hotel, venue of APEC trade minister meeting, in Embong Malang St. the reason of the crackdown is because the organizer didnt give notice to the police dept before. The police dept reason is false, the real reason of their fascist acts is because the picket is oppose APEC and trade liberalization agenda, as Sandy, picket coordinator, said.

“police argument is false, because we already submit the notice to Surabaya Police Dept yesterday, and more important when the crackdown start when we open placards that said oppose APEC and trade liberalization agendas, and the arrest is follow after that” explain Sandy, FMN Surabaya members

The 4 activits that been arrested, they are Ferdy (FMN Surabaya), Fikri (FMN Surabaya), Muklis (FMN Surabaya) and Harun (FKPS). Until this media advisory is released they are still arrested in the police office. This peaceful protest is started on 13.00 pm and been crackdown on 14.00, when they are marched just 200 meter from Basuki Rahmat St to Embong Malang St.

With this shameful incident, Indonesian Peoples alliance (IPA) demand to Surabaya Police Dept to immediately release 4 activists that been arrested because they do their constitutional right as citizen, which is guaranteed by national constitunion and freedom of expression in public regulation. This crackdown is a shame for SBY-Budiono administration, since they promote Indonesia as democratic country to attract foreign capitals, said Ahmad SH, from Walhi

This anti democracy act, should become important note for the government, amid they die hard efforts to become a good host for APEC Summit (October) and 9th WTO Ministerial Meeting (December), Ahmad SH, IPA secretariat as well

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