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Review of trade policies of India’s major trading partners

Centre for WTO Studies | June 2009

Review of Trade Policies of India’s Major Trading Partners

Prepared by

Professor, Centre for WTO Studies

Consultant, Centre for WTO Studies


India’s current share of the world merchandise trade is 1.1 % and Services trade is 2.7 %.
In merchandise trade, India’s target is to reach 5 % of the world trade by 2020. Along with
improving export competitiveness, it is also important to improve information base
regarding trade policy regime of India’s main trading partners and identify areas which
impede market access of Indian goods and services. The present report is an endeavour
in this direction capturing the market access barriers faced by Indian exporters in its major
trading partners and other select countries, 24 in all. The main export markets of India as
reflected in the share of India’s exports are indicated in Annexure I of this report. The
report is compiled on the basis of information obtained from four sources: (1) questions
raised by India during the Trade Policy Review of its trading partners, (2) inputs provided
by Department of Commerce, Government of India, (3) information obtained through
media reports and industry sources and (4) concerns raised by the USTR and the EC on
market access barriers in the markets of its trading partners. The market access barriers
have been broadly classified into eight categories for the organizing of this report: SPS-
TBT issues, labeling issues, tariff issues, customs procedures, issues in services, intellectual
property rights (IPRs), requirement of local content and other barriers. Market access
barriers in India’s major trading partners are organized in this thematic manner.

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