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SA poultry farmer is a big advocate of AfCFTA agreement

Eyewitness News | 27 July 2021

SA poultry farmer is a big advocate of AfCFTA agreement

By Tebogo Mokwena

Gladys Tawobola, who is a livestock farmer based in Gauteng, believes that training aspiring farmers and students is just as important as running a successful business. Tawobola, who founded Peezel Farms 12 years ago, is also an advocate for the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement.

She believes South African poultry farmers need new markets as they continue to be undermined by current regulations which allow some foreign countries to dump their chicken products in the country. She told Vutivi News that her farm in Centurion focused on poultry, goats, cattle and vegetables.

They hatch day-old broilers, which are grown for meat purposes, and layers, which are chickens used to lay eggs. Their hatchery has a capacity of 53,000 chickens. Tawobola said they sold their products to small and emerging farmers, and their meat to areas including Thembisa, Olifantsfontein and Kempton Park.

“We also have roadside stands which we supply with our chickens. We have sellers who buy from us. We supply restaurants and tshisanyamas, so our broiler market is diverse,” she said. “We grow layers until they can lay eggs, then we sell them to farmers that want full-grown layers. We also have our own section where we sell eggs to businesses in bulk.”

 source: Eyewitness News