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Taiwan starts talks with Japan on investment accord

CNA 2010/08/06

Taiwan starts talks with Japan on investment accord

Taipei, Aug. 6 (CNA) — Trade negotiators from the Ministry of Economic Affairs are currently visiting Japan and have started talks with Japanese economic and trade officials with the aim of promoting economic and trade integration between the two countries, an economic official said Friday.

Since the signing of Taiwan’s landmark economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) with China, Taiwan has started talks with Singapore on an economic cooperation agreement, as well as the current negotiations with Japan on a bilateral investment guarantee agreement, according to the official.

Taiwan has long sought to establish an economic cooperation agreement with Japan through the annual Taiwan-Japan Economic and Trade Meeting and the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Meeting of Ministers.

In the wake of the ECFA’s inking and an improvement in cross-Taiwan Strait relations, Japan has finally agreed to negotiate with Taiwan on such an agreement.

The scope of such an agreement could be very broad, and in addition to investment guarantees, it is expected to also cover investment cooperation and market-opening, the official said. (By Lin Shu-yuan and Y.L. Kao)

 source: CNA