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Thailand-US FTA: A roadmap to negotiations

Thailand-US FTA: A Roadmap to Negotiations

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Executive Summary

The politicization of the U.S. trade policy process regarding free trade agreements has created a
complex landscape requiring careful navigation by U.S. trading partners. This report provides a
comprehensive analysis of contemporary U.S. trade policy and of obstacles and opportunities
facing Thailand.

Our approach includes sector-specific analyses of trade policies, regulations and laws, as well as
emerging legislation influencing trade negotiations. Throughout the course of this report,
comparative analyses of U.S. negotiating positions, objectives and achievements in the NAFTA,
the recent FTAs with Chile and Singapore, and developments in the current negotiation of a
U.S.- Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) are presented to chart the evolution of
U.S. trade disciplines as they impact new negotiations. We’ve taken care to devote special
attention to those sectors that would be highly sensitive in the event of an FTA negotiation
between Thailand and the United States.