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The Trans-Pacific Powergrab: Why joining the TPP would be bad for people and planet – and the UK

War on Want, Global Justice Now and Trade Justice Movement | Oct 2018

The Trans-Pacific Powergrab: Why joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership would be bad for people and planet – and the UK

The UK government is currently considering the idea of the UK joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP or CPTPP). This is a high-risk deal that will benefit big business at the expense of people and planet.

TPP would:
 Entrench the corporate court system that gives multinational corporations special
powers to bully and sue governments
 Exacerbate global inequality, restricting the ability of developing countries to transform their economies
 Undermine food standards – threatening to allow chlorine chicken and steroid-fed beef into the UK, lowering the quality of food and jeopardising farmers’ livelihoods
 Undermine public services across the world – threatening the NHS and the ability of the developing countries in the deal to build their own public services
 Give more power to big tech companies to use and abuse our data, and prevent developing countries from building their digital sectors, which are vital for their development
 Take a high-risk approach to regulation of banks, hedge funds and other financial
 Allow big corporations even greater power to patent and place monopolies on traditional seeds that many southern farms depend upon
 Move Britain closer to a US-style system of deregulation that would make it harder to
work closely with the EU

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 source: War on Want et al