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India - Australia

Panthera subsidiary notifies Indian government over Bhukia dispute
Panthera, a gold exploration company with assets in India, said that its subsidiary Indo Gold Pty Ltd had issued a notice of dispute to the Indian government over the latter’s breach of the 1999 Australia-India bilateral investment treaty.
Collapse of EU free trade deal opens door for Middle East
Talks to create a historic economic pact with the United Arab Emirates are being revived as the Australian government tries to reboot its free trade agenda after negotiations with the European Union soured over agriculture.
Panthera to step up action against India after local court rejects claim
A writ will be pursued by Panthera for alleged breaches by India of the Bilateral Investment Treaty with Australia, the company said in a statement.
Oz identifies 5 mines of lithium, cobalt for India
India’s hunt for critical minerals overseas has met with some success with Australian authorities identifying at least five mines of lithium and cobalt for Indian entities.
India, Australia may conclude talks for comprehensive trade deal by Dec
India and Australia plan to conclude negotiations for a comprehensive trade pact by December, a year after implementing the interim Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA), according to people aware of the matter.
India, Australia free trade pact talks in June, July: FS Vinay Kwatra
Regarding the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) negotiations between India and Australia, Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra said that they are planned in the month of June, and July respectively regarding the deadline set for CECA negotiations.
Australia looks to India for wide market for lithium export
Australia is the world’s biggest exporter of lithium with most of it going to China, which dominates the lithium-ion battery production market.
Nirmala Sitharaman discusses BIT with Australian trade minister
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday discussed Bilateral Investment Treaty and other economies issues with Australian Trade and Tourism Minister Don Farrell.
India, Australia to conclude talks for expanding scope of free trade agreement by 2023 end
Last year, India and Australia implemented an economic cooperation and trade agreement and are now negotiating to expand its scope for a comprehensive economic cooperation agreement.
Australia, India to upgrade ECTA to a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
Australian PM’s visit to India would provide a big boost to bilateral ties as both governments are in talks to upgrade the interim trade agreement to the level of a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).
Panthera Resources agrees arbitration funding structure for claim against Indian government
The plan is to use the funding to support the damages claim against the Republic of India for breaches of its obligations under the Australia-India Bilateral Investment Treaty.
India, Australia aim to finish trade talks by September
With the interim trade deal between India and Australia set to come into force on 28 December, the two countries are aiming to complete negotiations for the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) agreement by September next year.
Indo-Australia trade agreement to come into force from Dec 29; to give duty free access to a number of goods
The free trade agreement between India and Australia will come into force from December 29 giving duty free access to thousands of domestic goods in that market, which will help in almost doubling the bilateral commerce to $45-50 billion in around five years.
Australia eyes digital services pact with India
Australia is eyeing a pact on digital services as part of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with India as the two countries aim to upgrade the bilateral relationship.
Australia ratifies free trade deals with India and Britain
Australia’s Parliament has passed bilateral free trade agreements with India and Britain, leaving those partner nations to bring the deals into force.
Australia-India ECTA text (2022)
India, Australia discuss early closure of trade deal signed 7 months ago
The free trade agreement that was signed by India and Australia earlier this year is expected to be implemented soon, an official statement released by the commerce and industry ministry said.
Australia, India start FTA negotiations
Indian and Australian negotiators have met for talks toward a full-fledged free trade agreement even as a mini-pact remains unratified by the Australian parliament.
India and Australia will sign a temporary free trade agreement on Saturday
Australia and India will sign a temporary free trade agreement on Saturday, removing an 85% tariff on exports of Australian goods to India.
India-Austalia FTA: Aussie companies scout for greater opportunities in India
With the India-Australia Free Trade Agreement close to being implemented, a 100-member business delegation will visit India later this month to scout for fresh opportunities.