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Myanmar and Israel sign an agreement to cement bilateral trade
Israeli Ambassador to Myanmar Hagay M Behar and DICA director general Aung Naing signed a reciprocal promotion and protection of investments agreement in Yangon yesterday.
’Plan B’ needed for EU-US trade pact - Italian minister
Italy said on Wednesday there needed to be a "plan B" that foresees a partial EU-US trade deal in order to sidestep deadlock over specific issues.
Responding to frequently asked questions: TPP TTIP pharmaceutical reimbursement “transparency”
Brand name pharmaceutical companies are advocating for inclusion of disciplines on public pharmaceutical reimbursement programs in the ongoing negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
Canada braces for EU trade pact dispute with Germany
Canada is bracing for a dispute with Germany over whether its newly-agreed free trade pact with the European Union should be re-opened to erase arbitration clauses.
CETA and climate change: Why the new Euro-Canada treaty is a gift to oil firms
Short of an international treaty banning all government regulations outright, CETA gives the oil and gas industry virtually everything it has been asking for, for decades.
Critical China free trade agreement based on what?
How can the government of Australia evaluate gains to agriculture from a China free trade agreement if it uses flawed statistical calculations?
European Union drops plan to label oilsands crude ’dirty’
The European Union has backed off a plan to label oil from Alberta’s oilsands as dirtier than other oils and to make it harder to import.​
Free flight for EU leaders not needed, German official says
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s offer of a free ride home for visiting European leaders — at a cost of more than $300,000 — is raising eyebrows on both sides of the Atlantic.
Can China and Russia squeeze Washington out of Eurasia?
There could soon be a trade alliance between Beijing, Moscow and Berlin—but you wouldn’t know it from the triumphal tone in Washington.
War, neoliberal fundamentalism and the plundering of national economies
The real threats to ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, ‘decency’ and ‘fairness’ do not lie in Syria or Iraq. The destruction of national sovereignty, democracy, freedom, decency, quality of life and livelihoods is being carried out by corporate vultures under the guise of the secular theology of neoliberalism, not least in practice via free trade and investor rights agreements.
The trade clause that overrules governments
The Obama administration’s insistence on ISDS may please Wall Street, but it threatens to undermine some of the president’s landmark achievements in curbing pollution and fighting global warming.
TUC 2014 Congress resolution on TTIP
Resolution of the Trades Union Congree of the UK
Appointment of first EU envoy to ASEAN will boost ties
EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht has said the EU-ASEAN free trade agreement negotiations could be revived once the ASEAN Economic Community is in place (end 2015).
TPP ministerial talks set for Oct. 25-27 in Sydney
The 12 countries aim to break the impasse for an envisioned broad accord in November.
S. Korea’s biz community sets up consultative group on China FTA
South Korea’s business community has set up a consultative group aimed at reflecting their interests in ongoing free trade agreement (FTA) talks with China.
Bar set low for a ‘do no harm’ China-Australia FTA
The excitement behind the likely conclusion of an agreement — the speculation is a grand signing will take place in mid-November when President Xi Jinping will be in Brisbane for the G20 meeting — will exceed the actual significance of such an agreement.
Make no mistake, the TTIP is a move in the wrong direction
While it would be wrong to say that the TTIP will lead to the wholesale privatisation of public services, it would potentially constrain governments’ ability to reverse past policy decisions to open up public services to competition as this would become a treaty-based commitment.
TAFTA: the myth of job creation
While the seventh round of negotiations on the transatlantic treaty commenced on Monday near Washington, Marianne interviewed the economist Thomas Porcher on job creation.
The threat of CETA: trade, investment and workers’ rights
The CETA will give private European companies the right to bid on Canadian government tenders for goods and services — among them schools, hospitals, airports, public transit, ports, and hydro projects — down to the municipal level.
EU hopes EPA with Kenya to be concluded by end of October
"The EAC and the EU will set a new date to finalize the trade talks," an EU official told a news conference in Nairobi on Friday.