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  • 23-Jun-2004
    Berne Declaration media statement on bilateral trade agreements
    It is not widely known that Switzerland will sign two more bilateral free trade agreements (with Lebanon and Tunisia) on the occasion of the meeting of ministers of EFTA states (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland) taking place in Montreux (Switzerland) on June 24.
  • 22-Jun-2004 El TLC como marco regulatorio supraconstitucional y supra-democratico
    The FTA: A regulatory framework transcending the constitution and democracy
    Contrary to the widespread notion, fundamental aspects of the FTA with the US include a number of areas that are highly comprehensive and have ramifications and implications that go way beyond simply regulating cross-border trade in goods.
  • 21-Jun-2004
    Indonesia hopes FTA will boost export to China
    The government said on Thursday that Indonesian exports to China could double in three years following the gradual implementation of a free trade agreement (FTA).
  • 21-Jun-2004
    Doctors urge US to oppose FTA
    A doctors group has written to American lawmakers urging them to oppose the Australia-United States free trade agreement (FTA).
  • 21-Jun-2004
    Proliferation of Bilateral Agreements Subject to Criticism
    The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal) and the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) criticized the US strategy of multiplying bilateral trade agreements before multilateral negotiations collapsed.
  • 21-Jun-2004 Panamá impone su ritmo en negociación de TLC
    Panamá impone su ritmo en negociación de TLC
    Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos. Panamá logró superar el round de estudio y empezar a contragolpear imponiendo su propia agenda durante la segunda ronda de negociaciones para el establecimiento de un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) con Estados Unidos al lograr que ese país reconociera el carácter bilateral del acuerdo.
  • 21-Jun-2004
    Critican aumento de acuerdos bilaterales
    La Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (Cepal) y la Conferencia de la ONU sobre Comercio y Desarrollo (UNCTAD) criticaron el miércoles la estrategia de multiplicar los acuerdos bilaterales de comercio, usada por Estados Unidos ante el estancamiento de las negociaciones multilaterales.
  • 21-Jun-2004
    US-Colombia: FTA without biopiracy?
    Biopiracy could be a sticking point in the free trade negotiations that the United States is pursuing with three of the countries with greatest biodiversity in the world: Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
  • 21-Jun-2004
    Investment and Sustainable Development: A Guide to the Use and Potential of IIAs
    The International Institute for Sustainable Development has just released a new book: Investment and Sustainable Development: A Guide to the Use and Potential of International Investment Agreements.
  • 18-Jun-2004
    FTA With Mercosur group shouldn’t hit domestic veg oil, food industries
    Ahead of India preparing to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with the Mercosur group of countries, the vegetable oil and food industries have cautioned the government to work out the arrangement keeping in mind the interests of domestic industry.
  • 17-Jun-2004
    THAI-AUSTRALIA FTA: 1,500 dairy farmers to protest
    Around 1,500 farmers from 10 dairy co-operatives will gather at Kasetsart University today to repeat their call for the government to withdraw dairy products from the free-trade agreement with Australia.
  • 15-Jun-2004
    Thai-NZ talks kick off today
    Thailand and New Zealand start formal talks in Wellington today on a free-trade deal that encompasses comprehensive cooperation in trade, goods, investment, services, trade facilitation and the movements of people.
  • 11-Jun-2004
    Scepticism in Jordan Over Benefits From FTA With US
    Jordanian and US officials meet in Washington today to review the terms of a Free Trade Agreement signed between the two countries three years ago.
  • 11-Jun-2004
    Aus-NZ Closer Economic Relations: Sutton welcomes proposal to liberalise CER rules
    Trade Negotiations Minister Jim Sutton today welcomed a new report saying rules governing trans-Tasman trade should be liberalised as they are too restrictive.
  • 9-Jun-2004
    EU-Egypt: Exporters See Gains in EU Partnership
    A trade agreement between Egypt and the European Union has opened new markets to exporters and paved the way towards the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean free trade zone.
  • 9-Jun-2004
    Excerpts from keynote speeches on Japan’s "economic partnerships": June 2004
    Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi proposed concluding economic partnerships with East Asian countries as part of the nation’s future policy during his tour of Southeast Asian countries in January 2002.
  • 8-Jun-2004
    Lamy says EU-Mercosur trade talks in Buenos Aires are crucial
    European Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy said Tuesday a new round of talks between the European Union and Mercosur in Buenos Aires will be crucial if the negotiations are to be concluded as planned by October.
  • 8-Jun-2004 US State Department
    US Bilateral Investment Treaties with EU Accession States
    We are pleased that on September 2 the European Commission endorsed a political Understanding preserving U.S. bilateral investment treaties with eight countries that are acceding, or are candidates for accession, to the European Union (the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Bulgaria and Romania).
  • 5-Jun-2004 US State Department
    Draft Environmental Cooperation Agreement (US-DR-CAFTA)
    This draft Environmental Cooperation Agreement (ECA) has been negotiated in the context of, but is separate from, the U.S.-Central America Free Trade Agreement. This draft ECA represents the results of negotiations by delegations representing the Parties listed in the title below. This draft ECA is subject to further revision, and has not been signed by the Parties.
  • 5-Jun-2004 US State Department
    US bilateral science & technology cooperation agreements
    S&T agreements are renewed in five year increments with the exception of Armenia & Russia, which are renewed every ten years.
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