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FTA opens up Japan’s $5 trillion market
The financial services industry appears to be a winner under the landmark free trade agreement negotiated between the Abbott government and Japan.
Who lobbies most on TTIP?
CEO’s at-a-glance info-graphics shine a light on the corporate lobby behind the TTIP talks.
Who’s driving the EU-US trade talks?
New information released by Friends of the Earth Europe shows a largely industry-dominated discussion, behind closed doors, in what is being touted as the biggest bilateral trade agreement in history.
Ecuador urges Korea to begin trade negotiations
Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino Thursday urged Korea to take steps toward a comprehensive economic partnership agreement with his country as soon as possible.
S.Korea announces new free trade deal with Turkey
South Korea and Turkey have paved the way for a new free trade deal covering the service and investment sectors, according to Seoul’s trade ministry on Monday.
Mitsubishi Corp. says Australia is ’veritable lifeline’ to Japan’s economy
Mitsubishi Corp. chairman Yorihiko Kojima said Australia was a "veritable lifeline" for Japan’s economy and the resource-rich nation would continue to be a favourable long-term investment destination for Japanese businesses, The Australian newspaper reported on Monday.
Revamping bilateral treaties
Indonesia’s intention to end bilateral investment treaties (BIT) has been questioned again and again, most recently in an article published on July 1 in the Financial Times, writes Indonesia’s Ambassador to Belgium in a Jakarta Post opinion piece.
Tony Abbott confirms Australia and Japan will sign free trade agreement
PM says deal will be formalised during Shinzo Abe’s visit – but Labor calls for more scrutiny of the costs and benefits
Japan-EU free trade talks enter sixth round
Tariff cuts and the opening of the Japanese railway sector are expected to be at the heart of the sixth round of free trade talks with the European Union that began Monday in Tokyo.
TTIP: the real costs of free trade
Although these deals are known as free trade agreements, they are only concerned with freedom for capital, explains Polly Jones of World Development Movement
Interview on ECJ ruling on transparency and the TTIP
USTR is primarily working with industries that support the treaty and its aims, not its opponents, says Sean Flynn
Russia to terminate free trade agreement with Ukraine following EU association pact
Russia is ready to suspend the free trade zone agreement with Ukraine after the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement comes into effect, Tatyana Golendeyeva, deputy chief of the Russian Federal Customs Service said.
RI to review trade deal with Japan in September
One of the key review points will be market access for Indonesian agricultural products and fishery output to the Japanese market, Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi says
Mexico: FTA’s only help the large poultry producer
The free trade agreements signed by the Mexican government may have advantages for large Mexican companies but create problems for hundreds of poultry farmers in the country.
TPP would gut Buy American: Happy July 4th!
As Americans celebrate July 4th this year, US trade negotiators are locked behind closed doors at a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiating round in Ottawa gutting Buy American policies.
TTIP documents could be made public after EU court ruling
European Union documents relating to the EU-US trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), could be made public after a European Court of Justice ruling yesterday (3 July).
Seeds of discord or seeds for development – which way for US policy with El Salvador?
The controversy over government procurement of seeds in El Salvador is a clear example of how US free trade agreements with developing countries can undermine national development goals, as Oxfam warned during the negotiation and debate over CAFTA, writes Stephanie Burgos.
India, Malaysia step up palm oil trade
The Malaysia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement is bolstering Malaysian palm oil imports by India
Rethinking the role of global investment in Africa’s development
Much hope is placed on foreign direct investment to deliver development capital for African countries. Yet FDIs are part of the global financial capitalist system, which maintains and reproduces inequality and keeps African states dependent on Western countries and financial institutions, writes Yash Tandon.