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It’s time for action

Over the past few months we’ve seen trade minister Liam Fox has been cosying up to authoritarian leaders around the world, claiming new trade deals can be the solution to our post-EU problems. Yet current rules allow the government to strike these deals without any public scrutiny or parliamentary oversight. We stopped TTIP – but now we need a democratic voice in trade policy to ensure it puts people before profit. You can read more about the campaign on our website.

On the demo we’re going to be talking to as many as we can about the campaign, getting our ‘deals in the dark’ petition signed and taking part in a creative stunt posing the question ‘who’s pulling the strings in our trade deals’. If you’d like to take part in the stunt please come dressed in a suit and we’ll provide you with the rest. If you’re not up for the stunt no problem, just come dressed as yourself with any home made placards, campaign t-shirts, noise makers and anything else that you’d usually bring to an event like this. We’ll be providing the ‘deals in the dark postcards’.

The full plan for the day is as follows:

11:30am – meet at Partisan to pick up flyers, placards, banners etc.
12:00pm – as a group get on the tram and from Victoria over to Deansgate where we will join the festival at Castlefield bowl
1:45pm – we’ll reconvene as a group out the Museum of Science and Industry before joining the march as a group
2:00pm – march through town begins. The route goes underneath the conference venue so it’ll be the perfect opportunity to make a tonne of noise and let government ministers know that you care about the issue
4pm – protests speeches start
5pm – rally ends and we will either head home, for a drink somewhere or on to one of the other events happening around the city.

Planning on joining us? Email

Thanks for everything that you are doing already and hope to see you at the protest.


Laura Williams,
Activism officer at Global Justice Now

 source: Greater Manchester Trade Action Network