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Commission publishes state of play of TTIP negotiations ahead of the 6th round of the negotiations
The European Commission has published a "state of play" of the US-EU trade negotiations ahead of the 6th round of talks scheduled to take place in Brussels on 14-18 July 2014.
Supporters of investment arbitration launch EU think tank
Corporate counsel and practitioners in Europe have formed a non-profit association to promote the benefits of investor-state arbitration and influence EU policy on investment protection.
ECOWAS leaders approve Economic Partnership Agreement with EU
The Authority of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government have approved the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU.
Pending Colombia-UK investment pact ‘undermines democracy and peace prospects’
The United Kingdom’s Parliament was expected to ratify an international investment treaty with Colombia Thursday that critics claim jeopardizes Colombian reform attempts and the future of the South American nation’s ongoing peace process with the FARC rebel group, reported the The Guardian newspaper.
EFF: We join dozens of organizations and businesses to protest TPP copyright proposals
The Electronic Frontier Foundation and its partners in the global Our Fair Deal coalition join together with an even more diverse international network of creators, innovators, start-ups, educators, libraries, archives and users to release two new open letters to negotiators of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Juncker states his opposition to fracking
Asked about the trade deal the Commission is currently negotiating with the US, which campaigners fear will allow private companies to challenge the EU’s environmental rules, Mr Juncker stressed that the normal, publicly accountable, court system should be used instead of private courts or arbitration panels.
US and EU unions criticise transatlantic trade deal
The largest trade unions in the US and EU are calling for protections for online privacy and the dropping of special protections for foreign investors as part of a long series of demands to secure their backing for a transatlantic trade pact.
China, US to start negative list BIT negotiations
China and the United States are likely to conclude the first phase of Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) talks soon and start substantive negotiations on the negative list
Farmers protest China FTA in Seoul
Thousands of South Korean farmers rallied in Seoul on Thursday, protesting Chinese demands for more access to the local agricultural market as part of a planned free trade agreement (FTA) with South Korea.
AFL-CIO and ETUC issue "Declaration of Joint Principles"
Ahead of the 6th round of EU-US trade negotiations taking place next week in Brussels, the US and European trade unions AFL-CIO and ETUC have issued a "Declaration of Joint Principles".
Thailand agrees to sign deal on more services
The Thai military junta has given the green light for the country to sign an agreement on the services sector among Asean members in another 24 services, as well as to sign the Asean-India Free Trade Agreement on the services sector during the upcoming Asean Economic Ministers meeting in Myanmar on Aug 24-26.
EU/Singapore FTA on track despite advances by Eurosceptics in poll
The process to finalise and implement the free trade agreement between Singapore and the European Union will not be affected by the European Parliament elections in May that saw a larger number seats won by Eurosceptic parties, says EU Ambassador Dr Michael Pulch.
Joseph Stiglitz warns on ‘free’ trade deals
"I think all countries that are a part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement ought to worry," says former World Bank Chief Economist and Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Joseph Stiglitz
UK investment treaty with Colombia ’threatens fragile peace process’
Human rights groups say agreement to protect British investors empowers multinational firms and endangers land reform
Irish regulator: put derivatives on TTIP agenda
The Central Bank of Ireland’s markets director believes TTIP is the ideal forum to iron out differences over substituted compliance and establish agreement on monitoring and data collection systems
Could a trade deal lift the US’ longstanding ban on crude oil exports? Europe thinks so.
The European Union is pressing the United States to lift its longstanding ban on crude oil exports through a sweeping trade and investment deal, according to a secret document from the negotiations, writes the Washington Post.
Leaked trade document exposes dangerous European Union energy proposal
A leaked European Union document published today by the Washington Post exposes the dangerous direction the trade deal between the U.S. and the EU is taking when it comes to raw material and energy.
TPP talks’ last-minute venue shift marks ’a new low in transparency’
Negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have long been a guarded secret, but critics say the Harper government went the extra mile to keep the latest round of talks out of the public eye.