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Not yet Uhuru as long as interests of capitalist economies persist
It cannot be Uhuru yet for Namibia and its partners, or should one say fellow downtrodden countries united in the economic bloc of the African-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) countries.
EAC Sceptical of Trade Agreements With Europe
In his keynote address on the role of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements in fostering trade and development in Africa early this year, former Tanzanian president, Benjamin William Mkapa, raised critical questions and warned East African Community (EAC) countries that signing an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs) would deny the region chances to develop into industrialized nations.
Meeting vital to meet minsters deadline
Pacific-African, Caribbean and Pacific (PACP) trade officials and ministers met in Nuku’alofa, Tonga earlier this month to discuss key issues, which included the Management of PACP Group, Fiji’s participation in the PACP and the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations with the EU.
Pacific could be pushed into unwanted deals
As the start of trade talks on a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union nears, African Caribbean Pacific countries have been urged by Fiji’s trade minister not to allow themselves to be forced into a deal that undermines each country’s independence.
AfDB Warns Zim on EPAS
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has warned Zimbabwe that opening its domestic markets to the European Union under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs), exposes local industries to unfair competition.
’ACP countries won’t bow to EU pressure’
The African, Caribbean and Pacific group of countries has said it would not bow to pressure by the European Union to sign the Economic Partnership Agreements, until there is a mutually beneficial position that does not threaten regional integration.
Trade pact with Europe still a tough sell to Africa, Pacific bloc
Caught between a proverbial rock and a hard place, African and Pacific countries are still unsure whether they should follow the lead of their Caribbean counterparts and sign a wide-ranging Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe.
Exporters at risk over delays in EPAs deal
Kenya could lose heavily if Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) are not signed, Musa Sirma, East African Community (EAC) minister said.
EPAs dividing SADC region - official
Southern African Development Community (SADC) integration is compounded by the ongoing Economic Partnership Agreements’ (EPAs) trade negotiations between the European Union (EU), a SADC official said on Wednesday.
CSOs ambush Hannah Tetteh over EPA loose talk
The Hannah Tetteh-led Ministry of Trade and Industry is pushing Ghana to sign up the ever-controversial Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the 27-member European Union (EU).
Don’t sell Africa back into slavery
Europe has been knocking at the door of Africa in the last decade for Africa leaders to sign the so called Economic partnership Agreement. The partnership Europe has been touting substantially means perpetually subordinating raw-material producing Africa to the economic demands of hyper-industrialized Europe. This is consistent with the euro-America design formulated and religiously pursued since the 16th century.
Trade Ministry allays fear over EPAs
There are renewed calls on the Government to call the bluff of the European Union which is threatening sanctions if Ghana fails to finalize the Economic Partnership Agreement by 2014.
Civil Society unhappy with interim EPA
The Economic Justice Network (EJN) has accused the Minister of Trade and Industry, Ms Hannah Tetteh, of stabbing ECOWAS in the back by indicating that the country can no longer linger on the idea of signing and ratifying the interim agreement on Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Academicians, Diplomats Caution Continent on EPAs
The signing of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) must be based on Africa’s integration priorities and not dictated by Europe’s interests, a continental forum heard in Dar es Salaam on Friday.
EPA Will Thwart Africa’s Industrialisation Efforts
The Economic Justice Network (EJN), a coalition of Ghanaian civil society organisations fighting for economic justice, has cautioned African countries involved in the negotiation of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) not to succumb to the pressure from European Union (EU) to sign the agreement as it has the potential of disintegrating African economies.
EU, CARIFORUM officials holding talks
A dialogue between European Union (EU) and Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM) countries began in Dominica on Friday with Europe indicating that in the not too far distance, a new strategy outlining greater cooperation between the two regions could be finalised.
Mukaruliza Warns Against Rushed EPAs
Regional countries should not rush to seal the EAC-EU trade deals, known as the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), a cabinet minister has said.
Pacific region urges EC engagement for EPA progress
The Pacific bloc of the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) grouping has urged the European Commission (EC) to officially respond to its proposals on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU).
EU bemoans pace of EPA implementation
The European Union (EU) representative to the region on Thursday pulled no punches as he criticised regional governments and the private sector for moving slowly to give effect to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) that was signed more than three years ago.
Let spirit of give and take prevail in EPAs deadline
After breaking several self-imposed deadlines for concluding a binding trade pact with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, the European Commission is turning to legal means to end what is fast becoming a circus.