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Trade-talk foes hit the streets
Korean workers and farmers take the front line of a demonstration Wednesday against U.S. trade talks with South Korea. The midday march briefly stopped downtown traffic as demonstrators laid down in the streets around Westlake Park.
Trade talk protesters promise no violence
Mention "Seattle" and "trade talks" in the same sentence and you’ll send a chill through residents who remember December 1999, when destructive riots broke out during the World Trade Organization meeting.
Seattle police to ask FTA protesters for calm
The chief of Seattle’s police department will meet South Korean media on Tuesday to ask protesters planning demonstrations over free trade talks this week to refrain from violence.
Farmers plan FTA protests in Seattle
More than 100 South Korean farmers and activists will go to Seattle next week to stage rallies against a free trade agreement (FTA) between Seoul and Washington, a chief organizer told Yonhap News Agency yesterday.
September 10: La Via Campesina calls for mobilisations against neoliberalism all around the world
The deadlock of the WTO is good news for the people and the movements that have been opposing its policies for years and an opportunity to put forward our alternative agenda. At the same time we have to give more attention to the Free Trade Agreements negotiated between countries or regions.
KoA Newletter#2 - KoA - The 3rd Round of Korea-US FTA Talks coming...
The third round of talks over the Korea-U.S. FTA will be held in Seattle in the United States -a famous battleground of the WTO protests in 1999-from 6th to 9th September.
The 3rd round of Korea-US FTA talks coming...
The third round of talks over the Korea-U.S. FTA will be held in Seattle in the United States — a famous battleground of the WTO protests in 1999 — from 6th to 9th September.
SADC Peoples Summit declaration
We are particularly concerned that the EU’s plan for so-called Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA’s) with our countries is having the effect of splitting SADC into two groups and undermining the potential for our future co-ordinated regional programmes for mutual economic and social development.
Fighting FTAs: An international strategy workshop (press release)
On 27-29 July 2006, FTA Watch, GRAIN and organised a first ever international workshop to make a strategic analysis of people’s struggles against FTAs in Bangkok, Thailand. This press release about the event was shared with Bangkok-based media on 30 July 2006. More materials and information about followup to the workshop will be shared soon.
How the public participate in taking the position and action against FTA?
Experiences & strategies for radical communication in (counter) public sphere around Kor-US FTA talk during the 1st half of 2006
Anti-FTA bodies join forces against US deals
Thailand’s anti-FTA movements have formed an alliance with counterparts in other countries including South Korea, Costa Rica and Colombia against US efforts to strike bilateral trade agreements across the globe.
Massive anti-FTA protests paralyze Seoul
Massive protests against free-trade talks between Korea and the U.S. paralyzed traffic in downtown Seoul on Wednesday.
Massive rally planned against FTA
US "economic colonization," "undemocratic," and a "path toward a miserable future for Korean citizens." These are the basic views held by Korean opponents of the free trade agreement that the Roh Moo-hyun government is pursuing with the United States.
Canadian and Central American NGOs call for transparency and parliamentary debate on Free Trade Agreement
Civil society release letter signed by 200 organizations calling for transparency and accountability in free trade negotiations
Economic Partnership Agreements: Family farmers speak out!
At the initiative of the Network of Farmers’ and Agricultural Producers’ Organizations of West Africa (ROPPA), leaders of three small farmers’ networks from ACP regions met in parallel to the Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Vienna on 19 June 2006 to assess the process of negotiation of Economic Partnership Agreements between their regions and the European Union.
Agricultural bodies file suit over US-SK trade agenda
The Korean Peasants League and the Korea Dairy & Beef Farmers Association have filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade over the ministry’s reluctance to share information with them related to the first round of South Korean-US free trade talks that concluded in Washington last week.
FTA Watch letter to Japan PM on JTEPA
FTA Watch would like to call upon the Japanese Government to explain its position clearly to the international community and to reassure the Thai people that it will not take advantage of their situation by signing the Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement with the Thai caretaker Government
Coalition on US-Malaysia FTA memorandum to the government of Malaysia
Given the lack of transparency and accountability in the on-going negotiations and the strong likelihood of an imbalanced outcome in the US-Malaysia FTA negotiations, we urgently call on the government to halt all further negotiations until a comprehensive cost-benefit assessment is done.
Malaysians protest against free trade talks with US
As Malaysia and the United States began their first round of talks on a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), they were confronted by a group of Malaysian protesters concerned that the agreement will cause the country more harm than good.
Atlantica trade zone talks spark 2nd day of protest
Activists protested for a second day in New Brunswick on Saturday as business leaders met to discuss a proposed free-trade zone for the Maritimes, Quebec and northeastern United States.