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Koreans storm Cargill Corp offices
While the USTR’s team whines that protests are disrupting the talks, protestors led by the 60 plus delegation from South Korea stepped up the pressure by going to the offices of Cargill, an agricultural multinational corporation deeply involved in the impoverishment of traditional Korean farmers.
US Democrats join Korean protesters
Downtown traffic was temporarily jammed Wednesday as South Korean protesters opposing a trade agreement with the United States rallied the Buddhist way, bowing to the ground every three steps.
FTA could be met with court action
Thai citizens could file a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court if the caretaker government signs a free trade agreement with Japan, said Somchai Preechasinlapakun, dean of law at Chiang Mai University.
Koreans protest "free" trade agreement talks
Koreans descended on Washington this weekend to oppose a proposed US-South Korea "free" trade deal. Listen to the audio report from WSQT Radio.
Activists protest against proposed FTA with US
Some 1,300 protesters hit the streets of central Seoul Saturday to oppose a proposed free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States.
Peru strikes against US FTA
Peruvian farmer, union and student organizations announced Friday a strike as of June 8 for an indefinite period against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with United States, to avoid its ratification in the Congress.
S Korean activists promise peaceful protests against US FTA
South Korean activists have pledged to hold peaceful protests against a proposed South Korea-US free trade agreement (FTA) in Washington early next month. "We want to explain to American citizens why we oppose the FTA with the US."
US labor groups to join forces in anti-FTA rallies
US labor groups will join forces with Korean counterparts for rallies in Washington early June against a proposed free trade agreement, the KCTU said yesterday.
Globalized protests
Korea and the United States will start formal negotiations on a bilateral free trade accord in Washington on June 5. Flying to the US capital for the occasion are not only government delegates but also a contingent of about 100 demonstrators. Having heard much about Korean protesters’ militancy, local police have reportedly entered a state of emergency.
Korean groups vow ’no violence’ in US capital
Korean activists will go ahead with their planned rallies in Washington to protest negotiations for a free trade agreement, ignoring the government’s appeal for restraint.
Gov’t urges anti-FTA protestors to stay home
The South Korean government on Friday urged a group of some 100 Koreans to refrain from staging a protest in Washington against the first round of negotiations for a free trade agreement with the US, to be held there on June 5-9.
Protester killed during Colombia protests
Farmers and members of indigenous tribes clashed on Tuesday with police during protests against a free-trade agreement with the US and the re-election of President Alvaro Uribe, and protest leaders said an Indian farmer was killed.
Guatemala anti-FTA vigil grows
More popular organizations have joined the on-going vigil in front of the Guatemalan Constitutional Court, where a bill against the free trade agreement with the US is being discussed Thursday.
Guatemalan orgs: No US FTA
The COS (Social Organizations Group) and the MISPEC (Guatemalan indigenous, farmer and popular movement) have joined the vigil Wednesday in front of the Guatemalan Constitutional Court to reject the free trade agreement with the United States.
A global call for action to stop EPAs
We call upon civil society organisations, social movements, and mass-membership organisations across the ACP and Europe to join the STOP EPAs campaign, and engage with their governments on the issues of ACP development in relation to the EU.
OWINFS call to action: Stop the WTO’s Doha "development" round and other "free trade" negotiations
We call upon civil society organizations and social movements from around the world to join with us in showing their strong, united and unequivocal opposition to the completion of the World Trade Organization’s trade ‘round’, and other bilateral and regional Free Trade Agreements being forced on people by governments.
Tell Congress: oppose the US-Peru free trade agreement!
Oxfam has set up a web page where you can send letters to US Congress urging them to reject the US-Peru FTA, signed last week.
Thousands march against FTA with US
A massive protest against a planned free trade agreement between Korea and the U.S. brought some 8,000 trade unionists, farmers, students and actors from 100 groups to Daehagno, downtown Seoul on Sunday.
Campesinos marchan contra TLC
"El Sr. Toledo debe irse a su casa y no firmar cosas para las que ya no tiene autoridad."
Anti-FTA unionists attack White House web site
An estimated 3,000 Korean unionists in the information and technology sector have tried to flood the e-mail box of US President George W Bush with bulk messages in protest of the ongoing Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks.