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Meat Controversy: Ma says US beef policy will help boost trade relations
President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) yesterday said he was concerned about the nation’s economic development after a free-trade agreement (FTA) between South Korea and the US came into force last week, adding that the government’s plan to partially lift a ban on US beef imports would help facilitate trade relations with other countries.
Meat industry wants free trade deal with Korea
The Australian Meat Industry Council says Australian beef exporters need a free trade agreement with Korea.
TPP talks wrap up without American dairy offer
The latest round of negotiations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership nine-country trade pact has wrapped up without an American offer on access to its prized dairy markets.
John Kinsman: Why we should oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership
US dairy farmers fear they will go bankrupt as cheap foreign powder imports like milk protein concentrate flood the domestic market under the TPP.
After KORUS FTA, new pressures on the horizon
As the South Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) takes effects Thursday, some are expecting new trade pressures from the US, including moves to open the beef market. In particular, South Korea will be forced to sit down at the negotiating table if the US requests negotiations on beef.
Govt. to provide cash assistance to livestock farmers affected by FTA play
Korean livestock farmers will receive cash assistance from the government if the price of their products drop after the Korea-US free trade agreement comes into effect on 15 March. This is one of the latest measures laid out by the agriculture ministry.
Report highlights US concerns about expanding US-New Zealand dairy trade
The National Milk Producers Federation has estimated that US dairy farmers could face $20 billion in losses during the first decade of the FTA if US dairy tariffs are fully eliminated for New Zealand’s benefit.
Farmers’ fight of China FTA could be biggest yet
When Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade attempted to hold a first public hearing last Friday to listen to concerns about an FTA with China, farmers shut it down.
Farmers, people living with HIV and small traders protest against the EU
Indian farmers joined people with HIV and small traders to protest against the EU-India Free Trade agreement, which will impact all three sectors by ending livelihoods and cutting access to cheap medicines.
Peru’s agricultural sector to benefit from FTA with India
Peru’s agricultural sector would take advantage of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to be signed with India, one of the fastest growing countries in the world.
’Rice, sesame, garlic to be excluded from China FTA’
Rice and key condiments such as garlic and sesame are expected to be excluded from free trade agreement (FTA) talks with China, which are set to start soon.
Canada seeks to carve out agriculture, telecom in EU trade talks: documents
Leaked documents from the Canada-European Union free trade talks suggest Ottawa is seeking to carve out telecommunications and agriculture from any agreement.
Selling the farm(er): What the Trans-Pacific Partnership means for Canada’s dairy farmers
An "elephant in the room" is an English metaphor for an obvious truth that’s ignored or an obvious problem or risk that no one wants to discuss. For Canada’s dairy farmers, the elephant in the milking parlour is the Trans Pacific Partnership.
FTA deal with Korea reaches critical phase
Australian beef exports are in danger being put at long-term disadvantage against US competitors in the Korean market unless rapid progress can be made in Free Trade Agreement discussions in coming months.
Tony DiMare says— Tomato imports ‘sucking lifeblood’ of US industry
"Why do we need tomatoes from Guatemala? What are we trying to accomplish?" asks Florida grower Tony DiMare
How US policies fueled Mexico’s great migration
For nearly two decades, Smithfield has used NAFTA and the forces it unleashed to become the world’s largest packer and processor of hogs and pork. But the conditions that helped Smithfield make high profits plunged thousands of rural Mexicans into poverty.
Damage to farming from China FTA could reach $2.8 bil.
Damage to Korea’s farming industry from a free trade agreement (FTA) with China may reach up to $2.8 billion, reports said Thursday, urging the Seoul government to be cautious in its FTA negotiations with China.
Agriculture stands to lose in possible South Korea-China FTA
President Lee Myung-bak agreed to begin the necessary "domestic procedures" for opening formal negotiations on a South Korea-China free trade agreement during a summit meeting Monday afternoon with Chinese president Hu Jintao at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People.
Seoul to expand help for fishing, agricultural sectors under free trade deals
South Korea will expand its support for the fishery and agricultural sectors to ease their losses from a massive influx of outside products under free trade agreements (FTAs), the finance ministry said Monday.
New EU trade agreement: Right to food in India threatened
MISEREOR, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Third World Network, Anthra and Glopolis decided to conduct their own civil society impact assessment of the proposed EU-India FTA with a focus on the right to food.