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EU agri ministers push back against Mercosur deal
A number of EU countries spoke out against reviving the EU-Mercosur trade deal during a meeting of agriculture ministers in Brussels on Monday 20 March. But with an agreement already hammered out, room for change is limited.
Austrian agriculture minister says ‘no’ to Mercosur deal amid industry pressure
Agriculture Minister said he opposes the EU-Mercosur trade agreement during the Agriculture Council in Brussels on despite alleged industry pressure on the minister in charge of giving Austria’s final decision.
Vienna-backed Austrian firm wields controversial energy treaty against Kyiv
AMIC Energy, an Austrian private equity firm, is threatening to sue Ukraine based on the Energy Charter Treaty after its assets were seized by Kyiv over the company’s close ties to Russia.
Austria reaffirms its veto of the trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur
Austria reaffirmed its veto of the trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur, and asked Portugal to avoid any “possible attempt” to the pact enters into force in its current form.
EU crisis: Austria rejects major trade deal in huge blow for Brussels
Austria has thrown the European Union’s decades-long Mercosur trade talks into disarray after the country’s new government will not support the pact in its current form.
Austria rejects EU-Mercosur trade deal over Amazon fires
In a decision that’s binding for the government, almost all parties on the parliament’s EU subcommittee voted against the deal with the Mercosur free-trade zone.
Austria: Anti CETA, TTIP petition signed by 562,000
An Austrian petition against EU free trade agreements with the United States and Canada has been signed by 562,000 people.
Austrian government split on opposition to EU-Canada trade deal
Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern’s opposition to a free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada was countered by fervent praise for the deal from his deputy.
Austrian economy minister adds his ’nein’ to U.S. trade talks debate
Austria’s economy minister said talks on a EU-U.S. free trade agreement should be halted, adding his voice to an increasingly polarized debate on both sides of the Atlantic over whether to keep the negotiations going.
Austria says will start ’conflict’ in EU about Canada trade deal
Austria is ready to confront other European Union members states over its opposition to a free trade deal with Canada, Chancellor Christian Kern said
4600 Austrian jobs at risk from TTIP deal
As many as 4600 jobs could be lost in Austria as a result of the proposed TTIP trade agreement between Europe and the US.
Small businesses start to campaign against TTIP
Many small businesses are not convinced by the benefits of TTIP. Some of them have started to campaign, which for time-pressed small businesses, is quite a big thing.
Austria hit with first ICSID claim
The owner of a Vienna bank targeted by multiple fraud investigations has lodged what is thought to be the first-ever investment treaty claim against Austria
Austrian chancellor speaks against sanctions, and TTIP
Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann has warned that Austria could file a lawsuit before the European Court of Justice over EU’s intention to sign the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the United States.
China, Austria sign economic cooperation agreement
A cooperation agreement between the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Austria Federal Economic Chamber was signed Wednesday in Vienna to further enhance bilateral trade activities between the two countries.