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Caricom eyes Brazil’s alert
When Ministers of Caricom’s Council for Finance and Planning (COFAP) meet in The Bahamas tomorrow, they are expected to consider the implications for this region of reservations expressed by Brazil at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on provisions of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) being negotiated with the European Commission (EC).
Rudd may be pinning his hopes on trade policy that is past its use-by date
Kevin Rudd and his Trade Minister, Simon Crean, are very clear on the direction for trade liberalisation under a Labor Government.
"Via Campesina, from anti-WTO to anti-FTA"
Interview with Jun Gi-Hoan, General Secretary of Korean Peasants League
US-Korea Understanding on Agricultural Biotechnology (2007)
Negotiated on the sidelines of the US-Korea FTA, in March 2007.
TRIPS, bilateralism and patents: how they are failing both the developed and the developing world and what to do about it
Luigi Palombi discusses TRIPS, post-TRIPS bilateralism and patents in the context of biological resources and traditional knowledge and seeks to provide a solution to the present intellectual property deadlock between the developed and developing worlds.
Panellists see high impact of bilateral trade deals on Geneva policymaking
A panel of government and non-governmental experts on intellectual property and biodiversity issues last week stressed the high impact that leading economies’ bilateral free trade negotiations are having on multilateral policymaking in Geneva.
Bangladesh eyes FTA with China
Bangladesh is eying a free trade agreement (FTA) with its biggest trading partner China. As the country has achieved a little from many multilateral and regional deals, the government plans to improve its two-way trade with major trading partners, sources said.
Trade: The $1b game of patience
State of play with New Zealand’s trade negotiations
Economic Partnership Agreements - no plan B?
The European Union Trade Commissioner, Peter Mandelson, said the EU would not engage in an alternative strategy concerning African, Caribbean and Pacific trade relations with Europe at the World Trade Organisation, stressing that there is definitely "no Plan B" for EU trade relations with the ACP. New Era spoke to trade analyst, Wallie Roux, wherein he responds in his personal capacity to Mandelson’s assertions.
Bilateral deals abound as APEC leaders talk Doha
Vietnam, Singapore, Peru and South Korea are just some of the countries Canada is discussing various trade deals with, despite saying the WTO talks are its priority.
UNCTAD warns poor countries on free trade deals
Though preferential trade agreements (PTAs) may offer transitory gains in terms of market access and higher foreign direct investment, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has cautioned developing countries to be careful before entering into such deals.
US-Korean food fight
The US government is working to deny South Koreans the right to local food and to undermine their domestic food safety laws through the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
US/Korean trade nonsense has to stop
Korea should continue to reject the occasional box of beef — the containers of boneless meat that accidentally contain bones or spinal material — and let the rest go through. Their buying public can make the decision about the quality of the product. At the same time, American beef packers should continue to work on their quality control procedures and get it right before the KORUS FTA is finalized.
Multilateral still better than bilateral talks
"When we try to negotiate as individual countries, we give the Europeans the ammunition to divide and discriminate against us", said Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Information and Publicity Bright Matonga.
Trade deficit in food safety
Public Citizen has published a new report on the connection between trade agreements that limit US food safety policies to facilitate trade and the growing safety threat posed by US food imports
New rating poses threat to Kenya’s trade terms
Kenya’s terms of trade in the international market may change for the worse following its recent removal from the list of the world’s Least Developed Countries, it has emerged.
New Danish strategy targets free trade with emerging markets in Asia
A new trade policy strategy from the Government of Denmark aims at supporting ambitious EU bilateral and regional free trade and investment agreements — especially with new growth markets in Asia.
Country-based policies are best
Africa’s poorest countries should develop policies to suit their unique circumstances to replace policies imposed on them by their developed country counterparts, former Tanzanian president Benjamin Mkapa has said.
What will India gain from the FTA with the EU?
The negotiations for an EU-India FTA could prove even more difficult to bring to a successful conclusion than the Doha development negotiations.
Japan keeps rice out of free trade proposals
Japan’s trade supremo Akira Amari has ruled out opening up the country’s rice market in a free trade agreement with Australia, saying Japan’s aim is to secure a deal that covers "90 per cent" of trade between the two countries.