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Sánchez, Doggett call for Biden Administration to reform the CAFTA-DR trade agreement
Congresswoman Linda T. Sánchez and Congressman Lloyd Doggett led 45 of their colleagues in calling on the Biden Administration to work to remove the Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanism from the Central America – Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement.
Honduras ratchets up battle with crypto-libertarian investors, rejects World Bank court
After the Honduran president repealed a law granting unfettered authority to outside investors, the cryptoquistadors took the dispute to a World Bank arbitration court.
Government reforms face corporate backlash in Honduras
As President Xiomara Castro’s administration works to mitigate the fallout of the post-coup years, transnational companies are lining up to sue the state for lost profits.
Why is Biden endorsing corporate colonialism in Honduras?
The stakes for Honduras are not simply the billions of dollars otherwise destined for health, housing, and education. They are the very existence of Crawfish Rock: the past and future of the families who have inhabited the island for centuries.
When investors subvert states
The ongoing lawsuit brought against Honduras by an American company underscores the unjust and undemocratic nature of the investor-state dispute settlement system.
Honduras is fighting back against corporate colonialism
American billionaires are suing the Honduran government for blocking the creation of a libertarian city-state in the country. If they win, it will be a devastating victory for corporate colonialism over democracy.
Honduras threatens ICSID withdrawal over $11 billion ‘neo-colonial’ special economic zone claim
Honduras is threatening to withdraw from the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes over an $11 billion claim by Honduras Prospera, a US company.
Stand with the people of Honduras against corporate greed
We stand in solidarity with the people of Honduras and condemn US company Próspera’s $11 billion case against the will of the people.
Honduras advocates to defend its territorial integrity
This is related to the complaint made the day before by government functionaries on the absence of legality in the litigation that the ICSID opened on the case of the Employment and Economic Development Zone (ZEDE) against the Government.
33 Democrats urge ban on investor-state dispute provisions in all US trade deals
Democratic U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday urged the U.S. Trade Representative and State Department to eliminate investor-state dispute settlement provisions from current and future trade deals
$10.775 billion claim filed against Government of Honduras
US investors Honduras Próspera Inc. and its affiliates filed claims with the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes against the State of Honduras.
Free trade zone workers in Nicaragua are without rights
The entry into force in 2006 of the CAFTA-DR represented a notable boost to Nicaraguan exports of products made in companies that operate under the free trade zone regime, which required the hiring of a lot of labor.
A mining lawsuit in Guatemala shows how trade courts put big corporations first
Local resisters are calling for a different economic model — one that prioritizes clean water and soil, healthy communities, peace, dignity, and self-determination.
Notice of intent to submit claims to arbitration pursuant to article 10.16 of the CAFTA-DR
In accordance with the Dominican Republic–Central America–United States Free Trade Agreement, Honduras Próspera Inc. and its affiliates submit to the Republic of Honduras this written notice of their intention to submit claims to arbitration.
US pressuring new left-wing Honduras government over privatized cities
US senators argue that abolishing special economic zones known as ZEDEs would violate the provisions of CAFTA-DR, including the provision ensuring “fair and equitable treatment and full protection and security.”
KCA, a Reno Nevada based mining company, suspended gold mine in Guatemala
However, locals feel latent tension that the imminent consultation process or the arbitration suit could revive earlier threats, violence, and legal persecution from company employees and contractors.
Congress could consider CAFTA-DR changes
A recent report lays out several changes that lawmakers could consider to the CAFTA-DR free trade agreement between the US and six Latin American countries, but as yet there is no clear path forward on any such measures in Congress.
US analyzes excluding Nicaragua from CAFTA for exchange with Russian troops
Joe Biden’s government is analyzing the possibility of launching "strong measures" against Managua at the invitation of external armies, especially "one that has invaded another country," says a US official.
Honduran President wants review of trade agreement with US
Honduran President wants to review her country’s 2004 trade agreement with the United States, known as the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA).
Honduran government repeals ZEDEs law amid warnings of free trade agreement rights and arbitration
The ZEDEs are free from import and export taxes, but could set up their own internal forms of government, as well as courts, security forces, schools and even social security systems.