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Last chance for better agreement between Caribbean and Europe
Having read the draft EPA, I can now confirm that in much of the document, the development dimension is referenced more in shadow than substance. A huge double standard is at play here and what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander, writes a former Caribbean diplomat.
Caribbean nations grapple with biofuel issues
In the United States, experts debate whether biofuel growth in the tropics will cut into profits for Midwest producers. Special free-trade agreements with those countries can make it less expensive to ship ethanol from there to the US coasts.
Caribbean may sue to reinstate EU sugar deal
Caribbean Community leaders may try to reinstate the EU sugar protocol through an international court.
The gloves are off — Europe dismisses sugar, insults tourism ahead of ’make-or-break’ trade talks
Tempers flare as Caricom trade negotiators and the European Commission work with an October 15 deadline to initial an EU-Caribbean EPA
Caribbean grapples with loss of EU sugar deal
Last week, the EU unilaterally renounced a 32-year sugar protocol that had guaranteed fixed quotas and prices for ACP countries, with no clear indications of how exactly sugar will be treated in the new EPAs.
Hope diminishing for new Caribbean-EU trade agreement
As September draws to a close, the likelihood diminishes that an economic partnership agreement (EPA) is achievable this year between the European Union and the Caribbean.
New free trade talks to start later this year
The Caribbean’s chief trade negotiator says discussions on a draft for a new free trade agreement between Canada and the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will begin later this year.
OECS trade ministers discuss European trade
OECS Trade Ministers accommodated the European Commission’s principal negotiator for the Economic Partnership Agreement, Karl Falkenburg on Wednesday.
A new colonialism? EU trade demands and ACP countries
The European Union (EU) has been pushing African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries to conclude Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) by the end of the year, claiming that preferences which they now enjoy will not be approved by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) come next year.
New EU market access offer unacceptable - region’s sugar group
The Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC) is calling for a substantial improvement in the current access of sugar to the European Union (EU) market.
Growing sense that Caribbean-EC negotiations may be in trouble
A few days ago an influential political friend of the region asked about the current state of the negotiations between the Caribbean and the Europe for an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Caricom wants ’special provisions’ for sugar, bananas
The EU concession announced last week to remove all remaining quota and tariff restrictions on ACP products includes a phase-out period for rice and sugar, but does not mention bananas.
Free trade deal on tap
The Caribbean Community intends to negotiate a free trade agreement with Central America perhaps within the next six months, the organization’s top official says.
July deadline for Carib/Europe economic negotiations
All unresolved aspects of the EU-Caribbean EPA negotiations have to be completed at least in outline by the end of July 2007
EU: fourth phase agenda with Caribbean EPA passed
The meeting of Caribbean Ministers with Europe’s Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson resulted in the agreement of the agenda for the fourth phase of negotiations of the EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement). The main objective of this phase is to reconcile texts of previous phases.
Unequal partners
This paper by Claire Godfrey provides a wide-ranging look at the many problems with the EPAs, and investigates how these could impact on the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries’ future development.
Time running out on European trade pacts
When European and Caribbean Ministers meet in Brussels in November, there will be an urgent need to reach an understanding on what is achievable.
Overview of bilateral free trade and investment agreements
A general overview of free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties that have been signed or are being negotiated all over the world. Organised by region, it provides a snapshot of the many processes currently under way, some of the controversies they raise and opposition movements against these agreements.
Commentary - Caribbean frustrated with Europe
To the incomprehension of some in Brussels, the relationship between the Caribbean and the European Commission has now reached the level of confrontation over the development orientation of economic partnership agreements (EPAs).