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Central America

Central American leaders oppose preconditions for EU talks
The leaders of Central America Wednesday agreed to finish negotiations about a new agreement with the European Union by early 2009 - but only if EU demands for preconditions such as changing local laws are dropped.
Central America, EU face off on penal court
Central America and the European Union may have difficulties reaching an association agreement due to European requirement for ratification of the Statutes of Rome of the International Penal Court.
EU negotiations launch, so does opposition
As negotiations between the European Union and Central America over an association agreement kicked off this week, so did something else: opposition.
Central America’s poor and the environment will be hit by free trade with the EU
Non-governmental organisations have criticised the EU for its aggressive position in the bi-regional trade and political negotiations with Central America on the day the first official round of negotiations between the European Union and Central American countries begins in San José
Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner visits Central America and announces aid packages
Three weeks before the first round of negotiations on an Association Agreement between the EU and Central America to be held in Costa Rica at the end of October, Ms Ferrero-Waldner wishes to send a strong signal to the region of the importance the EU accords to this agreement.
CARICOM, CentAm to discuss free trade agreement
Countries from Central America and the Caribbean will come together to discuss a free trade agreement
Beware Europeans bearing gifts
After the emerging disaster of CAFTA, Central American countries recently launched into a new round of trade negotiations, this time with the European Union.
Biofuels FTAs menace CentAm ag
The future of Central American agriculture is threatened by developed countries’ demand for biofuels and US-sponsored free trade agreements.
Minister hopes negotiation timeline for EU agreement defined this week
Costa Rica hopes that by Friday a timeline will have been set for negotiations on an association agreement between Central America and the European Union, Foreign Trade Minister Marco Vinicio Ruiz said yesterday during a press conference.
EU trade with Latin America sets new record
European trade with Latin America will grow as a result of growing interest among companies on each side of the Atlantic, as will European investment in the region, which is already growing significantly. And while free trade agreements with Central America and the Andean Community will help boost EU trade with Latin America, the big prize is Mercosur.
FDCL alert: European free trade onslaught in Latin America
European Union endorses highly dangerous negotiation mandates for free trade areas with Central America and the Andean Community
EU to announce 840-million-euro aid program for Central America
The European Union is about to announce an 840 million euro (1.141 billion US dollar) aid program for Central America, the European Commission said Tuesday.
Indigenous peoples’ summit: defending their right to the land
The fight for land and territory and opposition to neoliberalism and free trade treaties (FTAs) with the United States are the main issues at the Indigenous People’s Summit currently meeting in Iximché, Guatemala.
EU: APEB wants boycott of banana imports in FTA talks with Latin America
The association of European banana producers APEB has announced that it will request the EU to leave any discussion of the banana import tariff out of the negotiations on economic collaboration or free trade agreements with the Andean countries in South America and with the countries in Central America.
Free trade deal on tap
The Caribbean Community intends to negotiate a free trade agreement with Central America perhaps within the next six months, the organization’s top official says.
Caribbean Community to weigh trade deal
The Caribbean Community intends to negotiate a free trade agreement with Central America perhaps within the next six months, the organization’s top official said Sunday.
EC to negotiate Association Agreements with Andean Community and Central America
The EU Commission notified its intention to begin negotiations for Association Agreements in the first quarter of 2007, which would gradually become free trade agreements with the Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) and Central American countries (Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala). However, this process could be broken because of the new demands on part of Ecuador before the WTO.
Central America & Andean Community: Commission proposes negotiating directives for Association Agreements
The Agreements will set out the conditions for the gradual establishment of Free Trade Area between the EU and the two regions, and develop both intra- and bi-regional trade exchanges.
EU asks C. America to select single negotiator for trade talks
EU foreign relations director-general Eneko Landaburu on Monday urged Central American nations to choose a single negotiator for talks on an association agreement between the two trade blocs.