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US firm to launch NAFTA challenge to Quebec fracking ban
A US-incorporated energy firm, Lone Pine Resources Inc., is taking on Quebec’s stand against fracking, saying it violates the North American free-trade agreement and demanding more than $250-million in compensation.
Australia scraps carbon floor price, agrees EU link
Australia and the European Commission on Tuesday agreed to link their carbon trading schemes by 2018, allowing Australian companies to buy cheaper EU carbon credits and providing a much-needed boost for the flagging European market.
Harper, Merkel aren’t playing tit-for-tat on free trade deal, IMF bailout
Angela Merkel gave Stephen Harper what he wanted — strong public support for a Canada-European Union trade deal — but not before she gently but firmly noted "problems" with high carbon emissions from Alberta’s oilsands.
Oilsands not a sticking point in EU trade talks
Canada’s oilsands aren’t a sticking point in trade talks with the European Union, Denmark’s trade minister said today in Ottawa.
Tar sands and the CETA
The recent decision by the European Union (EU) to disregard Canadian government pressure and forge ahead with regulations that recognise the higher green-house-gas intensity of fuel produced from tar sands and oil shale is encouraging
Canada-EU trade deal will hurt climate policy regardless of EU decision on tar sands
The Harper government is using the Canada-European Union trade talks to lobby the EU on its climate policy, according to recently released briefing notes.
Protesters invade British government office over tar sands trade deal
On Friday morning, a group of protesters invaded Britain’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and are demanding a meeting with Stephen Green, the new minister for trade. Calling themselves the "Big Society Trade Negotiators," they are concerned that trade negotiations between the EU and Canada, due to start in Brussels on Monday, will dramatically boost Europe’s involvement in the Canadian tar sands — the most destructive project on earth.
De jeunes Canadiens sonnent l’alarme au sujet d’une entente commerciale défavorable avec l’UE
Un nouvel accord de libre-échange entre le Canada et l’Union européenne représenterait un pas en arrière dans la lutte aux changements climatiques, ce qui devrait constituer une raison suffisante pour que le gouvernement fédéral cesse les pourparlers, selon Amber Church, directrice nationale de la Coalition canadienne des jeunes pour le climat.
Sables bitumineux: un groupe environnemental porte le débat devant l’ALENA
Un groupe environnemental canadien porte sa lutte contre l’exploitation des sables bitumineux albertains devant le mécanisme de régulation environnementale de l’Accord de libre-échange nord-américain (ALENA).
Tarsands complaint goes before NAFTA watchdog
A Canadian environment group is claiming the federal government is breaking its own laws when it comes to the tar sands, and plans to take its concerns to NAFTA.
US aims for bilateral climate change deals with China and India
Many observers say such bilateral deals risk seriously weakening any Copenhagen agreement by allowing the idea of a global limit on greenhouse gas emissions to be abandoned.