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Dominican Republic

The US: More is needed for Dominican Republic’s entry into Free Trade
According to United States ambassador Hans Hertell, the country loses enormous development opportunities with delays in entering the free trade agreement denominated DR-CAFTA.
Organizations release monitoring report assessing impact of CAFTA ’free’ trade agreement
Members of Congress, solidarity organizations, leaders of the DC-area Salvadoran community, and student and faith-based groups held a press conference to announce the release of a report monitoring the effects of the US-Dominican Republic Central America Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA).
Official warns DR-CAFTA could displace thousands of local dairy farmers
Approximately 58,000 small and medium-size milk cattle owners of 10 or less milk cows would be displaced from the Dominican market as the DR-CAFTA trade accord is implemented with Central America and the United States, according to Agriculture Planning deputy minister.
Free Trade would be launched in January to avoid jeopardizing agro
The Dominican government will inform United States authorities as to how it prefers to handle export guidelines that are expected to enter the country en masse, should the DR-CAFTA be implemented before year’s end.
Dominicans contract Colombian scientist for DR-CAFTA training
A Colombian scientist in forensics and populations is in the country to undertake an ample training program in advanced molecular biology techniques with a view to creating human resources capable of genetically categorizing the various agriculture crops destined for export in light of the DR-CAFTA trade accord soon to be implemented.
Implementing Free Trade before 2007 forces hefty agriculture imports
The possible implementation of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States before the year ends will compel the Dominican Republic to authorize hefty import quotas of products in the agribusiness sector, and which could cause an exceeding supply that may jeopardize local producers.
Express fear on doorstep of Free Trade
The Newscasters and Radio and TV Producers guild considered that the Free Trade Agreement signed by the country with Central America and the United States will jeopardize the sector and will affect the population’s possibility to receiving reliable information.
Companies eye pull-outs if CAFTA flounders
Weary of the snail’s pace ratification process of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), which continues to dominate Costa Rica’s political and social agenda, some companies are weighing the idea of moving to other Central American countries should Congress reject the treaty.
Dominican Free Trade delegation is off to Washington
A Dominican delegation of Government officials left for Washington yesterday, to give the finishing touches to the proceedings so that the country enters the Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Central America.
Expert: Keep Delaying CAFTA for DR
Fernando Alvarez Bogaert, former Finances minister, said Friday that the validity of the Central American-Dominican Republic-US Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), put off for this month, could wreck national production if enacted.
DR and Panama make advances on a commerce treaty
Dominican ambassador in Panama, Virgilio Alvarez Bonilla, affirmed that governments from both nations are making advances in the negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement, which in his esteem, will be ready to be implemented by the beginning of next year.
Only Dominican Republic and Costa Rica still wait to join DR-CAFTA
Being that Guatemala has just recently implemented the Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA), only Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic remain as the two signatories that still are not enforcing the agreement.
Dominicans await U.S. reply on Free Trade
The Dominican Republic awaits reply from the United States on reports that it deposited during the month of May through the National Planning Office (ONAPLAN).
As Guatemala enters CAFTA, US coalition calls for a new trade model
As the Dominican Republic - Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is expected to be implemented tomorrow with Guatemala, a coalition of U.S. organizations denounces the Bush Administration’s strong arm tactics to force implementation and calls on Congressional candidates to promote positive trade agreements by taking the Pledge for Trade Justice.
Japan can use Dominican Republic to enter the U.S. market
Dominican president Leonel Fernandez today presented his country as a "springboard" for Japanese products to enter the United States duty free.
’National Consensus Crucial for FTA’
It is important to set up measures supporting those to be damaged by the free trade agreement (FTA) and induce national consensus to turn the FTA into a new growth engine, the president of the Dominican Republic said Saturday.
CAFTA implementation leaves some countries hanging by a thread
While the machines on the factory floor whirred rat-a-tat-tat, textile maker Sergio de la Torre sat in his office and extolled what CAFTA will bring in the future: attention and foreign investment.
Accuse U.S. of violations regarding Free Trade
The president of the Latin American Pharmaceutical Industries, Hochi Vega, accused Washington today of violating prior agreements instrumented for implementing the DR-CAFTA free trade accord.
Duty-free zone firms lose contracts with Free Trade delay
Entrepreneurs from Santiago and the duty-free zones in the country are concerned about effects that would be brought about by a new postponement of the Free Trade Agreement between Central American and the United States (DR-CAFTA).
Dominican Republic may have ‘missed its opportunity’ to trade with Canada
Dominican ambassador in Canada said he hopes that his country can join a multilateral trade deal with Canada similar to the one it already has with the U.S., but he worries that the Dominican Republic may have missed its opportunity.