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Dominican Republic

“Historic” Dominican-EU trade deal to be signed today
The Dominican Government is scheduled formally sign an economic association agreement with the European Union today, making the country Latin America’s leader, after Chile, with the most Free Trade deals, now with 48 nations.
Dominican Government loses court round in US$680M suit
An arbitration tribunal constituted under the France-Dominican Republic Bilateral Investment Treaty released an award last week ruling on the jurisdictional objections raised by the Dominican Republic in a claim brought by TCW and its parent company.
Taipei aims to throttle Taiwan-Dominican Free Trade Deal
Taiwan president Ying Jeou Ma today said he’s interested in accelerating talks for a Free Trade Agreement with Dominican Republic, for which his country’s representatives were already instructed to expedite them.
Dominican Republic-U.S. trade deficit jumps to US$688M on imports
In the first three months this year the country posted a trade deficit with the United States of US$688 million, much higher than the US$426 million in the year earlier period, reports newspaper Hoy.
Sweetheart Deal
The deadline for completion of a new farm bill has been pushed back to May 16. But the endless wrangling over a piece of legislation that Congress once hoped to finish in 2007 has not induced a significant change in the thinking of those who regard it as an opportunity to lock in lush new benefits for American agricultural producers.
EC rejects view CARIFORUM forced into EPA
The European Commission (EC) has flatly rejected as unfounded, suggestions that the CARIFORUM Group - Caribbean Community (Caricom) states and the Dominican Republic - was forced into the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) reached last December and that the negotiations were designed to split the ACP Group.
Dominican Government sacrificed RD$2.3B with Free Trade
Figures from the Customs Agency (DGA) show Dominican Government has sacrificed RD$2.3 billion since the United States-Central America Free Trade Agreement began.
Dominican business criticizes FTAs
Dominican businesspeople do not see any advantages on the Free Trade Agreement signed between the Dominican Republic, the US and Central America (CAFTA-DR), said Ignacio Mendez, president of the Dominican Industrials Association.
Dominican Republic not eligible for money from DR-CAFTA
The Dominican Republic and Guatemala are the only two countries in DR-CAFTA that have not been able to access money from the Millennium Account due to internal issues.
Trade deal spurred foreign investment record, Dominican Central Bank says
Direct foreign investment in Dominican Republic jumped to US$1.7 billion in 2007, year in which the DR-Cafta trade accord took effect in the country, the Central Bank said.
Costa Rica wins 7-month CAFTA deadline extension
Costa Rica has won a seven-month extension from its U.S. and regional trade partners to pass laws required for its entry into the CAFTA free trade pact, President Oscar Arias said on Wednesday.
In 1 year, Dominican Republic lost RD$2.54B from Dr-Cafta trade pact
Dominican Republic has lost from the Dr-Cafta trade pact, which took effect one year ago on Saturday, RD$2.54 billion from lost tax revenues, the Customs Agency (DGA) said in a statement.
Dominican Republic, Haiti could reach free trade agreement by 2009
The possibility that Dominican Republic and Haiti could sign a free trade agreement as early as next year is being met with approval by commercial, governmental and industrial sectors, as well as economists and poultry producers, newspaper El Caribe said Sunday.
Deal with Europe will lead to Dominican-Haiti trade pact in 1 year, official says
The Economic Association Agreement between Cariforum and European Union (EPA) countries will lead Dominican Republic and Haiti to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement in one year, said Industry and Commerce minister Melanio Paredes, during the Business Table organized by magazine The Economist.
Free trade deal with Canada a priority for Dominican Republic’s new ambassador
"We have more and bigger FTAs than anyone in region."
Dominican Republic and Taiwan to sign trade accord soon
Taiwan’s President Chen Shui-bian said he hopes Taiwan and the Dominican Republic will sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) as soon as possible to benefit enterprises in both countries.
Dominican Republic has yet to fully access Dr-Cafta trade deal
Dominican Republic still has some 10 commitments pending to fully access the Free Trade Agreement signed with the United States and Central America (DR-CAFTA), and for that reason confronts a situation defined as "serious" against its other competitors.
Costa Rica, free trade fewer jobs
Costa Rica’s PAC party (Citizen Action) president Otton Solis has warned of the potential increase in unemployment if CAFTA-DR, the free trade treaty with the United States, is approved.
Dominican Republic is ratified as head of Customs group for the Americas
Dominican Republic was ratified as country president of the Intellectual Property Work Group for the American Hemisphere, in recognition of the Customs Agency’s (DGA) work in copyrights, as the DR-CAFTA trade agreement and international treaties stipulate.
Dominican Republic seeks Caribbean consensus on Free Trade with EU
Dominican Republic should manage a consensus with the Caribbean Community countries (Caricom) to establish a joint negotiation that leads to the Economic Association Agreement with the European Union.